Anyone Who Thinks Ninoy Could Have Made The Philippines Better, IS An Idiot

Every August 21st, the cheesy Filipinos would do the whole tiresome thing of taking the emo route of glorifying Ninoy Aquino, whose only real claim to fame was getting shot in the head upon his return to The Philippines. I have always kept wondering why The Filipinos keep saying that he “Could Have Been” a great leader, he “Could Have Been” the savior of The Philippines, “Could Have Been” this and “Could Have Been” that… It was always something from the imagination seen through rose colored glasses whenever projections are made about how Ninoy could have saved The Philippines. But that bullishness is more like bullshit.

“Are you serious?” I thought to myself. The guy never really accomplished much. Just like his slacker of a son Noynoy, he really did not get any bills passed into law during his years as a lawmaker. All he did was oppose everything and talk-shit about dictatorship, fascism and spout such trite cliches that revolve around those concepts. Of course, The Filipino masses would just lap up whatever he says like how they easily get mesmerized by a telenovela character as he over-acts his script complete with a “Nanlilisik ang butas ng ilong” facial expression.

The mistake Filipinos do is that on a proforma basis, they come to the conclusion that The Philippines would be rich and prosperous if only some dead man had not died. I beg to differ, even in the case of Ninoy because his past “performance” could not become the basis of what he could DO. All he was able to do was oppose, oppose and oppose! He was never really able to BUILD or ACCOMPLISH anything. Any dumb schmoe could oppose and condemn all the “isms” they could state, but what have they actually done? Ninoy Aquino has not done anything to ADD VALUE to Philippine Society and merely made Marcos his straw man to use for his dog-and-pony act.

Ninoy Being Taken Away

Even his claim to have ended the Huk rebellion by supposedly “making” Luis Taruc surrender is controverted by what was stated in a source more credible than Ninoy Aquino’s own delusions. The last paragraph about the Huk Rebellion from the website Global states:

Beginning in 1951, however, the momentum began to slow. This was in part the result of poor training and the atrocities perpetrated by individual Huks. Their mistreatment of Negrito peoples made it almost impossible for them to use the mountain areas where these tribes-people lived, and the assassination of Aurora Quezon, President Quezon’s widow, and of her family by Huks outraged the nation. Many Huks degenerated into murderers and bank robbers. Moreover, in the words of one guerrilla veteran, the movement was suffering from “battle fatigue.” Lacking a hinterland, such as that which the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) provided for Viet Cong guerrillas or the liberated areas established by the Chinese Communists before 1949, the Huks were constantly on the run. Also the Huks were mainly active in Central Luzon, which permitted the government to concentrate its forces. Other decisive factors were the better quality of United States-trained Philippine armed forces and the more conciliatory policy adopted by the Quirino government toward the peasants. “

What Ninoy Aquino Could Have Become

Ninoy Aquino came from an oligarch family. He had never really accomplished anything worthwhile aside from opposing to no end without ever really building. If ever he became President, he would have been just your regular run of the mill TRAPO who is full of “pambobola” that the masses would just adore like what they are doing now with Noynoy. You have to remember, even Marcos said nice things such as “This country would be great again” which the masses just lapped up and look how that turned out. Ninoy’s sweet words were the same, they were just fuel to propel him to the pinnacle of power that he aimed for. Getting shot was already a given risk but still he took it because for any intelligent and calculating person, risk is factored in and weighed against the benefits. He saw the benefits and was willing to take the risk, which just happened to have turned out for the worst.

“Heroes” Are The Opium of Da Pinoy

These Pinoys who develop Yellow Fever during times like these are just using Ninoy Aquino as some kind of an opium for their never-ending hero addiction. They have to snap out of it. Their “could have been” scenarios and statements that the country could have been better had their hero just been luckier just give illusions and delusions that a “hero” is the solution to the problems of The Pinoy. They thought Cory was a “hero” but the country did not progress under her, and now it is the same “hero” theme that put Abnoy Aquino in power and look where that has gotten the Philippines today?

Like what has been always said within in the API, there really is no need for heroes and hero worship is actually counterproductive. The people just need to think a little deeper, work a little harder and have a little bit more consideration for their fellow men. This nonsense that Ninoy Aquino said “The Filipino is worth dying for” is just plain rubbish. If he really meant it, then he just wasted his life on a bunch of nincompoops who are basically just wasting space on the planet. The Pinoy has yet to prove that they are worth anyone’s time of the day because they have yet to get real. Part of getting real is to stop the whole “could have been” mentality and snap back to reality. Your country is in the shitter, people are leaving in droves, families are torn apart, and our compatriots are being stripped of their human dignities all over the world. No amount of imagining what the world could have been had Ninoy not croaked would change that.  Only if you acknowledge your faults and change than can you progress and all these festivities surrounding the anniversary of a political risk gone awry shows that you still have a long way to go.

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11 thoughts on “Anyone Who Thinks Ninoy Could Have Made The Philippines Better, IS An Idiot

  1. “how does this post make you feel?” how do you answer that correctly?? I’m angry about the characters involved in the article, I’m happy about the writer.

  2. The late BA Sr. in returning in the Philippines is like J Rizal pasiklabin at magkaroon ng rebolosyon sa Pinas. After it was pronounced his illness was no cure after all. Yellow Fever stands for Communist China whose aim to make One Policy over Asia.

  3. the person who wrote this is someone who only oppose oppose, oppose…. reason what do think if that dictatorship continued until now,that will only lead to a greater corruption of his family….

    1. you might be right, but then again atleast our country is rich that time 2nd to japan, unlike today started from SK chairman from the barangay up to highest position in our government are corrupt.

  4. Mr anonymouse…..if the dictatorship continues? we will still be a rich country cause when marcos was in position we were stable economically, we even numbered 2 in export of rice

  5. The guy is dead,..RESPECT !..and do not judge…and if u think he cant do anything for the country?.ure an idiot !

  6. The symptoms of cancer started during Marcos regime. Now it spread allover the goverment body. How can you cure the encurable idotic people who wrote this article.

    1. Marcos may have been the cancer. But after 30 years. Not a single presidential surgeon even tried to cut it out. Rather… They found a way to feed the cancer… Along with their greed. So who’s dumber now. The one who wrote the article. Or the endless wave of idiots who keep voting for these jerk-offs destroying the Philippines. Year after year?

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