British owner of diving shop shot dead in the Philippines

Tony GilchristA British man who opened a dive shop in the Philippines after falling in love with the country and moving there two years ago has been shot dead by an employee on the island where he lived.

He was shot four times in the chest and twice in the head on Saturday, allegedly by a security guard who he had dismissed after the man turned up drunk for a second time. Local police were questioning a man after making an arrest yesterday. The shooting happened at Fish Buddies, a scuba diving shop which Gilchrist owned on the small island of Malapascua off the northern tip of Cebu province.

Oh my God! You poor little Filipino. You lost your job for being another stupid, drunk islander. A good man is dead. And look where you are now? Still jobless, and now in jail.

It is this kind of stupid shit that has so-turned the Philippines upside down. People have turned to using blatant murder as the cure-all-answer to everything going wrong in their lives. You people keep talking about outside oppression, while you’re killing each other off, in great big bleeding batches.

So I ask anyone who is reading this (foreign or domestic), DO NOT let this incident go. Tell the media. Your politicians. Friends and neighbors. That this kind of idiocy needs to be brought out in the open so that people can see first-hand that the Philippines IS NOT the little paradise the Aquino Administration paints it out to be. Mr Aquino coined the phrase: “It’s more fun in the Philippines.”

Well sir… Many of us still have yet to discover where in your Banana Republic is the fun?


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