Iglesia ni Cristo-1914 (INC) Centennial Logo Explained

INC LogoBelow is an UNOFFICIAL explanation of INC’s centennial celebration LOGO on 2014 A.D.from affodablecebu.com

In the logo, the torch represents the light of salvation (the words of God through the Iglesia Ni Cristo) which will enlighten the whole world. Since the establishment of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in the Philippines in 1914, the members continue to fulfill their duties as lights of the world. They spread the good news (words of God) to the people and bring them closer to God and to the path of salvation. To all Iglesia Ni Cristo members, happy centennial anniversary this year 2014. May God blesses the Church and the Administration!

Here is our explanation of their centennial logo:

Torch = The word “torch” was mentioned only 4 times in the Bible. A lamp or latern is more appropriately Biblical than torch. The symbol of the torch in INC’s Centennial Logo appears to be influenced by paganism. This torch appears to be that of the Olympics which has originated from the ancient pagan Greece – Olympia.”Thy word is LAMP unto my feet and a LIGHT unto my path.” (Ps. 119:105)

Similar to this lamp is used during the Biblical times and is used as a symbolism of God’s word (2 Pt. 1:19)– not the torch.

In fact, the Catholic Church has been there from 33 AD to the present as a Light to all Nations – more than the INC’s claims. The Catholic Church has been the guide of many souls to salvation, having many saints – yet the INC of Manalo has never produced any saintly people – less than Felix Manalo who was branded as a “MAN OF LOW MORALS” by the Court of Appeals when he was accused of raping a number women in his church.

The Iglesia ni Cristo = The definitive article “The” is an English article which is immediately followed by the Tagalog words “Iglesia ni Crsito” when one can consistently use the English words “Church of Christ” after the article. Why can’t they use with easiness the words “The Church of Christ”? It’s because the LAW does not allow them! The reason is because this church is Manalo’s own founded Church in the Philippines. Accordingly the INC is an All Rights Reserved patented Trademark.

(Church of Christ) = English translations of the words “Iglesia ni Cristo” just in case a non-Tagalog speaking person might not understand the Registered Trademarks.

1914 – 2014 = Years when Manalo’s Church was founded in 1914 and now celebrating it’s 100th year anniversary undermining the bigger reality that the original “Church of Christ” has been there before 1914 and still there in 2014. And the “original” CHURCH is now moving to the THIRD MILLENNIUM.

Map of the World with the Philippines as it’s highlights = It reflects the truth about the true Church of Jesus Christ which is now present in all corners of the world, different tongues, race, culture, tradition in One, Holy, Catholic Apostolic Church of Christ. The Filipino Church through Catholics around the world is now bringing Christianity to their host countries. In many countries the “Simbang Gabi” (Dawn Mass) is now celebrated even by non-Filipinos around the world. None of INC’s celebrations is celebrated in any part of the world. Truly Romans 16:16 says “all the churches of Christ” greet the Church of Rome! One has to wonder why a certain “Iglesia ni Cristo” in the Philippines REFUSED to send its greetings to the CHURCH of ROME?!

“Overseas Filipinos have spread Filipino culture the world over, and have brought Filipino Catholicism with them. Filipinos have established two shrines in the Chicago Metropolitan Area: one at St. Wenceslaus dedicated to Santo Niño de Cebú, as well as another at St. Hedwig’s with its statue to Our Lady of Manaoag.” – (source:  Wikipedia)

Influence of Manalo’s Church has never been felt in any part of the world!

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