Iglesia Ni Cristo Has Thousands of Convicted Criminal Members

Criminal Kids

• 2,000 Criminal Iglesia Ni Cristo members sued Ernesto Diokno
• Some Iglesia Ni Cristo Members have hurt and/or murdered other people and former members who have left their cult and/or spoken out against Manalo.

If indeed ONLY Iglesia Ni Cristo members will be saved according to their doctrine, I wonder how can they explain the salvation of around 2,000 criminal INC members (including rapists, murderers and thieves) in one prison location alone?

• Criminals have purposely joined the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Mostly due to loneliness or a need for companionship or spiritual enlightenment some.

• Iglesia Ni Cristo members becoming Criminals

This is a completely different story. Iglesia Ni Cristo members going to jail is not a big surprise. We have confirmed from a number of different newspapers alone, INC members doing assorted crimes. It was even reported that an INC member murdered the whole family of an INC minister inside an Iglesia Ni Cristo compound in Cavite. Another report was written about INC vigilantes roasting men after their murderous acts. INC members were reported to have butchered some University students inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo chapel in Punta Sta. Ana Manila.

In case you’re wondering why is there a continuing decrease of INC members attending in a nearby Iglesia Ni Cristo chapel in your area. Here the obvious answers:

1. INC members have stopped attending Iglesia Ni Cristo worship services.
2. INC members left the Iglesia Ni Cristo and converted to Catholic, Protestant or Muslim.
3. INC members were imprisoned in the nearby municipality jails because of their criminal activities.

• 2,000 INC members in one prison alone is quite large if you ask me? Considering that Iglesia Ni Cristo is claiming that ONLY INC MEMBERS WILL BE SAVED. If that is so, how come INC has thousands of members with active criminal records?
• Instead of building or buying chapels to be used for Iglesia Ni Cristo worship services, maybe the INC administration should build their own prison for their ever growing number of criminal members?
• I have to assume then, that total the number of INC’s criminal members is greater than the total number of non-Filipino INC members worldwide.
• I highly doubt that only mostly Filipinos will be exclusively allowed to enter heaven.
• INC members are only around 4 million members (including the thousands of convicted criminal members).

It is obviously quite embarrassing to be a member of Iglesia Ni Cristo, with this kind of malicious activity going on inside the INC.

Inquirer: Prison privileges

2,000 Criminal Iglesia Ni Cristo members sued Ernesto Diokno

• There are 32,000 inmates in NBP in Muntinlupa: 2,000 of them are INC members. This means that 16% of convicted criminals in Bilibid prison are Iglesia Ni Cristo members.
• There are 1,000 jails across the Philippines, more than 60,000 inmates. We can only guess how many of these criminals are now members.
• The Manalo family and all of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult must be very proud of having THOUSANDS of convicted criminal members.

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