Duterte visits typhoon ravaged NPA guerilla zone
Duterte visits typhoon ravaged NPA guerilla zone

Refuses to Be Recognized

The tough mayor of Davao City Rodrigo Duterte who believed himself not qualified for higher public office, has been nominated to the prestigious World Mayor Award along with three other mayors from the Philippines and 90 more all over the world. He was nominated by a Japanese national who lives in Davao city but he refused to be included in the list.

The 2014 World Mayor Award is given every two years to any chosen mayor who has made outstanding contributions to the community, and has developed a vision for urban living and working that is relevant to towns and cities across the world.

Seeks No Credit For Himself

Duterte firmly disclosed that he is not after such award, and is not used to attend awarding ceremonies since the start of his political career. He said he does not want any recognition for doing his job and is not going to accept any award for it. For him, it is simply doing his job as a mayor and paid by the people to deliver the services they need. It is more than enough consolation to know that townsfolk believe in him and are satisfied with his work. He expressed, “My inspiration is the people, and their faith in me…”

 Atypical Attitude

Known for his no-nonsense attitude against criminals, Duterte is surely one of the Davao City’s pride. His constituents will never forget how he disguised himself as a taxi driver to see the situation in his city and to get his hands on muggers. He also defended his shoot-to-kill-order “legal, proper and moral” against 10 kidnapping suspects July last year.

Fearless Man

He is bold in threatening to kill any smuggler who dares going to Davao City to unload smuggled products. The Commission on Human Rights do not want Duterte’s daring remarks, but earned good points from the public who delighted to hear him declare that he would be willing to go to jail for service of the people. He lambasted CHR Chairperson Loretta Rosales who criticized his “unethical” remarks against smugglers in his city by saying “Point out to me a law which I cannot threaten the criminals. Shut up!”

He has also criticized Justice Secretary De Lima who always talking in interviews about David Tan and the rice smuggling investigation for publicity. You should “stop talking and start working”.

Going Upside Down

Social media was on fire the moment Duterte’s words against criminals were posted. They rallied in call of Duterte’s candidacy on 2016 presidential elections. They believe he could be the “less talk, more action” kind of official who could make the country better. But he declined their appeal and said if he would become the President, he himself would declare a revolution and rebel against his own government and close down everything.

Despite strong public approval for his bold statements and actions, and although there are officials in government who have less qualifications and accomplishments to prove their worth, Duterte is adamant that he is not qualified to seek public office higher than that of a mayor.

The Man of Action

He may have ruled Davao City with what some call “iron-fist”, but his hatred for criminals changed Davao City. From the “Murder Capital of the Philippines”, he made it “One of the Most Peaceful Cities in the Philippines”.

Under his leadership, Davao earned a string of awards, both local and international, year after year. Duterte, who has been nicknamed “The Punisher” by Time magazine, has been criticized by human rights groups and by Amnesty International for tolerating extrajudicial killings of corrupt officials and criminals, but unknown to many, deeply hidden behind all the tough persona lies a kindhearted man with an ever soft spot for the poor, whose plight he has always championed.

Firm and Confident

He always made it clear that criminals have no place in the city, except in jails, detention centers, and in funeral parlors, and dared them to leave vertically or horizontally. He doesn’t care receiving condemnation from human rights groups and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) (who care much for the lives of the criminals than the victims) for statements that seemed to support the killings of alleged criminals in the city.

Worthy of Respect

As mayor, he not only ran after criminals in the city, but was instrumental in uniting the different tribes and cultures in Davao, as well as the other political groups. He designated deputy mayors that represented the Lumads and Moro in the city government, a first in the country which was later copied in other parts of the country. His effective governance has not only brought prestige and honor, but also the much needed investments to the city which now provide numerous jobs to all Dabawenyos.

Astounding Rule

He has also implemented landmark laws and city ordinances being the ever first mayor in the Philippines to enforce a city-wide ban on smoking in public places. He also banned the use of fireworks in the city. He strictly implemented a policy that prohibits selling of alcoholic drinks from 2AM to 6AM. He also created the first and only 911 Emergency hotline in all of Asia – a search and rescue unit, and fire and medical emergency response teams for Davao City.

(Source: Yahoo News)

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