Question: Why are They Still Suffering In Tacloban, Samar and Leyte?

Typhoon Yolanda DamageAnswer: Because the Aquino administration has proven to the world that he and his cronies have zero empathy when it comes to caring for their people. Here we are. Over 5 months later. And still, the people of the Eastern Visayas region are suffering the effects of Typhoon (Haiyan) Yolanda.

Practically from the very start, President (If he can be called that?) Aquino and his minyans have spent more time, energy, and money, blaming others for the lack of assistance being given to the victims. Which, at press time, has reached over 16 million displaced people. 1,100 missing. And over 6,300 dead.

Lady With ChildDSWD Chairperson, Dinky Soliman has proven to be just as much a nightmare, as anything or anyone Aquino could have thought up. Thanks to her collecting, picking through, and stealing from a majority of the International Aid packages, the people have received almost nothing. And what they have gotten, has turned up rotten, expired, uneatable junk.

And how about all those wonderful over-rated, over-priced Junkhouse, Bunkhouse pieces-of-shit that they gave the victims? It goes beyond criminal. Especially when the PNP/AFP have just received their own group housing project, which likes a multi-million peso dream home.

So then Mr President?! When do you think you will (if ever) start giving a shit about your own people?


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