What Would Be The Best Argument Against INC Teachings?

INC Exposed

It looks like INC appears their best, when it comes to arguments about their teachings and their attacks against the Catholic Faith. Their arguments only work with those less educated regarding Catholic Doctrines and unfaithful Catholics. There is only one INC teaching that you have to refute that should then refute all their teachings. We can say that it’s the foundation of their doctrines, without it, all their teachings fail.

The Apostasy

Apostasy plays an important role within INC doctrines. It is the root of INC’s teachings. So what happens if someone successfully refutes that doctrine? What would it imply? Almost everything about INC!

Above all else, it should be kept in mind that both Catholics and Iglesia ni Cristo believe what the Bible mentions about Apostasy. there’s no argument with that. The only difference is, they have an alternate understanding about it. For the Catholic Church, Apostasy, which is mentioned in the Bible, only refers to members of the church who left from the true faith. And not the whole church. For INC, apostasy means that the whole church left the true faith, taught false doctrines and some were killed for doing so. Because of this, INC believes that, as a whole, the Catholic church which Christ built was Apostatized.

So what happens if their version of Apostasy is proven to be “NOT TRUE?”

If Apostasy is not true, the true church which Christ built will continue.
If Apostasy is not true, there is no need for a messenger or false prophet to establish a church.
If Apostasy is not true, then Felix Manalo is false messenger.
If Apostasy is not true, Iglesia Ni Cristo is not a true church. But a cult.

These are only a few implications showing Apostasy not to be true. Now, how do we know this?

Catholics and Iglesia ni Cristo have a common belief about the church:

The church is the body of Christ.
The church will be saved in the Last Judgment (similar to Noah’s Ark)

Most important: The Church CANNOT teach in error.

If you ask an INC minister if it’s possible that there are wrong teachings within the Iglesia ni Cristo, he will probably say no because they were properly guided. Those who believe that theirs is the true church believe that the church cannot teach in error. They believe that the Catholic church was Apostatized because the church which Christ built in the 1st century was teaching false doctrines, and this is hugely contradictory. If they believe that the true church cannot teach in error, then “false doctrines” of the church cannot be a reason why the Catholic church was apostatize. Are they not guided by the Holy Spirit too?

You’ll see a great number of INC members who believe that the whole church was apostatize, and killed. A very ironic claim of Iglesia ni Cristo. Why? St. Ignatius, the person who first used the term “Catholic” was a victim of the Christian persecution in the early church. This means, Christians in the early church were Catholics. Can they mention the name of a Christian who was killed aside from the characters in the Bible? They can’t because if they do, it would be a Catholic.

Summary: The true church cannot teach in error. And knowing that the Catholic Church has been the true church from the very beginning, pointing out errors within the Catholic Church is no longer a valid argument.


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