Afraid of The Truth Now?

Once again, the Facebook page ONE MORE TERM FOR PINOY has proven, as always, just how silly they truly are. They have decided to make a point in the single, stupidest way possible. By deciding who might be a so-called Marcos Loyalist, and then “banning” them from their page. In most cases, I could care less if someone denies me access to their page. It is their right to do so. But in this case, their choice is driven by FEAR. The fear of the truth. The fear of criticism. Nothing more.

Afraid of The TruthIf they want to give us a “Taste of Out Own Medicine” regarding the concept of Martial Law, this IS NOT how to go about it.

First and foremost. I would say it is safe to assume that you, (the Admin) are probably too young to have even the slightest clue about those years. Second. If you are suppose to be promoting President Aquino and/or his accomplishments in a positive light, you did just the opposite my friend.

What you have done is suppressed the concept of “Freedom of Speech” by banning any/all those you think are either Loyalists, or simply anti-Aquino. You are also acting in much the same manner as Aquino himself. Ignoring the voice of the people.

The true meaning of the family name.
The true meaning of the family name.

Your page appears to be designed to promote the accomplishments (so few they are) of the President in the recent weeks. About 80% of the page has simply promoted some kind of “modernization” of the AFP (Armed Forces of The Philippines). Which sadly, is done by purchasing some of the cheapest (price and technology combined) hardware around. And then selling it as the latest and greatest. The remaining 20% is the typical Pro-Aquino propaganda the people have become so bored with.

Mark TwainThe purpose of creating and maintaining a Political page, is to allow comments and criticism from both sides of the fence. That means YOU MUST be able to handle the bad with the good. By “banning” a specific group of people simply because you can no longer handle the ever-growing number of anti-Aquino supporters just goes to show (and prove) you are simply in bed with the Coconut to begin with. In other words? Your little group has become nothing more than a counterproductive bunch of schmucks, stroking each others cocks. Singing praises of your idol. Be it Aquino, Binay, or whoever. Either way, it’s a waste of your time.

So in closing, I ask that ANYONE who agrees with what I have said here, to please share and/or re-post this pages link, so that everyone can see the truth of President (yeah right!) Aquino and his minions. I ask that those of you who “liked” this page prior, to please “unlike” so that they can go on their merry little way, and continue with their own little fantasy lives. While we, the true believers of a better future move forward into the light of a brighter dawn.

In closing. There’s an old saying. “If a tree falls over in the woods. And no one is around to listen. Does it make a sound?”

Get the point?

Albert Anastasia

I'm just another ExPat enjoying life here in Asia. I am also having the time of my life exposing the ugly truth about the present Governmental administration of the Philippines. Especially that of current President "BS" Aquino. And the rest of his Liberal Party assholes.

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2 thoughts on “Afraid of The Truth Now?

  1. I think this is the opposite. YOU MARCOS LOYALIST ARE THE ONES WHO ARE AFRAID. you guys are starting to deface the WIKIPEDIA. posting in you glorious Ferdinand Marcos Fan pages in Facebook about so many kinds of LIES(not ALL of it, but posting a picture that during time of marcos, theres a HELIPAD in BRP SIERRA MADRE? you guys are ridiculous) and you are starting to ridicule everyone who says something about your Marcos. please im begging you. stop the Nazism. rather than EDUCATING the people in our Country. your starting to POISON them. im not an anti-Marcos you know, because i know SOME of his achievements during this time. but saying Marcos started the GOLDEN ERA? have you guys FORGOTTEN about what RAMON MAGSAYSAY and ELPIDIO QUIRINO did to OUR COUNTRY?! have you guys no SHAME?! please. DO YOUR RESEARCH. seriously. RESEARCH.

    1. Hey bro? No one here is painting the man as a saint. I will be the first one to defend his many accomplishments. And of course, I would do just the same for EVERYONE from Magapagal, all the way back to Quezon and beyond. Sadly, it’s always about Marcos. I am also the first (and not the last, I hope) to admit that’s he IS NOT the first person of power to steal from the people. That shit has been happening since man was stupid enough to place monetary value on everything he says or does. But I WILL NOT quietly sit back and let the retard in the driver’s seat take credit for practically everything Marcos and the others did. C’mon man? We both know Marcos created the “No Wang-wang” law back in the early 70’s. And along comes Mr Autistic acting as though he thought of it.

      SHIT!! If Marcos was so bad, why are close to 95% of HIS laws still in effect? Not that anyone enforces shit these days. Or how about this shit that Abnoy lowered the poverty level far below the Marcos era. PURE BULLSHIT!! The poverty level in 1986 was 41% of the known population at that time. This was based on only 65 million people, which would have been 22.1 million people. Today it’s 28% of 105 million. Which brings it to 23.6 million. So in reality… it’s higher now.

      We can both argue this shit day and night. The fact is this. EVERYONE NEEDS TO SHUT THE FUCK UP, AND STOP LIVING IN THE PAST!! It’s time to learn from the past, instead of constantly scaring people with names from the past.

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