In the past, our efforts to either promote the truth, or make others question the current state of things within the Philippine Political Arena, seem to have become to much for the Administrator and minions of a newly discovered page on Facebook. So much so that they remove or delete our postings and/or replies by claiming we are “promoting” our magazine on their site.

Oh well. Let these Noytards believe whatever they want to believe. They belong to the same class of people who were stupid enough to elect an over-rated ” Daddy’s little pet” to a seat in the Senate. That’s right. Nancy Binay! A 39 year old, private sector failure, jumped all the way to the top, because of YOU idiots.

And to the childish Admins of Facebook’s “One More Term For Pinoy” (which is obviously supported by the Coconut). If you think we are promoting our site, you’re obviously dumber than you sound. The links we post in reply to your senseless propaganda are pointing others to the truth. Which you obviously remove because just like any other goof infected with the Yellow Fever, you cant deal with the truth. Nor, do you want the rest of your blind, brain-dead lemmings to see it.

How dare YOU and every other blind ass of the last 29+ years since the 1986 EDSA1 disaster believe that your country has improved since then. EVERY leader (with the mild exception of Gloria Arroyo) have so firmly sent your country into the shit-house. Personally… I could care less if Ferdinand Marcos was the most corrupt human being in recorded history. At least he, with the help of the U.S. and many other countries, DID make your country greater then, than it is now. Sadly… for only a short, 21 years. And even if he did pick up the pieces from Magsaysay, Macapagal and the rest. As a combined whole, THEY made your country something. From Cory Aquino to Fidel Ramos. And to the current retard in the driver’s seat. Your country has been turned into shit. Why? Because YOU, the people bought their bullshit. Hook, line and sinker.

Today, all you do is whine, cry and scream like a bunch of babies about all the political corruption. Lack of laws being enforced. And the undisciplined nature of the Filipino in general. Yet none of you seem to truly want to do a fucking thing to improve yourselves, or return to the successes you felt as a nation, between 1947 to the mid 1970’s. All you do is talk a bunch of shit about the “Marcos ghost.” All the while, praising a half-wit as if he has done so much for you. When in reality, he, along with his Mother’s self-centered, horseshit Constitution, have helped themselves, and the other elite 1% get richer. While the remaining 99% have continued to spiral into the black oblivion of the abyss.

Just for the record. Here are a few examples of the goofs that YOU, the Filipino voter, have elected into office for one stupid reason or another.

Gregorio Honasan: Leader of 2 Coup attempts against Cory.

Antonio Trillianes: A mutinous criminal, who twice, led an uprising against the Arroyo Administration.

Juan Ponce Enrile: The true abuser and criminal during the Martial Law years. Upon being given control of enforcing things, it was HE who made people disappear. Until recently, he held a major position with the House of Representatives.

Fidel Ramos: Enrile’s partner-in-crime. And to think, you idiots even elected him President in 1992.

Nancy Binay: A 39 year old who NEVER succeeded at anything in the private sector. So much so, that her only employer was her father. And you jerks gave her a seat in the Senate.

The Ampantuans: A murderous clan that in 2010, was responsible for the deaths of a rival politicians wife and other family members. Sadly, this heinous act included 31 journalists. During the 2013 mid-term elections, with 26 seats available, you assholes elected/re-elected these criminals back into 19 power positions in their province.

You claim Ferdinand Marcos was corrupt? Great! Just remember, The next time you take your candidates “grease money” to buy YOUR vote, maybe all of you should look in the mirror and ask yourselves, “As a voter, am I just as corrupt. Or more-so?”



Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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