Filipino Political Activism: Drama or The Comedy Hour?

On a little more serious note. Portraying Cory Aquino as a minion of the Devil. Rather than the Saint everyone has been led to believe she was.
On a little more serious note. Portraying Cory Aquino as a minion of the Devil. Rather than the Saint everyone has been led to believe she was.

Political activism in the Philippines always seems to be more about portraying most of the political figures in the country as clowns, rather than as the sad individuals they truly are. And when I say sad… I mean sad. Sad in the sense that the majority of them come from long lines of wealthy, political dynasty’s and other well-to-do backgrounds which have proven to be more destructive to the nation and its people.

For over a century now, these family’s have ruled the island nation through shear force, fear and intimidation. Today, 90% of the provinces are controlled by dynasty’s in one way or another. And for a nation of 105 million people, that means a mere 40 family’s now control 50% of the nations wealth. And close to 75% of the nations Gross Domestic Product.

So what are the people doing about this? Mostly they have taken to Facebook and other social networks in force. Spreading the word of how corrupt. Stupid. Childish. And just plain dangerous these people are. And is all this screaming making a worthwhile dent?


One of the many examples of how Filipinos portray their political figures.
One of the many examples of how Filipinos portray their political figures.

Why? Because every single group, page or profile are all saying the same thing. Showing pictures of these political figures in all kinds of different scenarios. Most place them in comical situations. This was fun for a while folks. But after a few years of looking at the same old shit. The fun has worn off. The time has come to get serious.

If it is your desire to become politically active (either left or right) in one way or another. The first thing you must do, is be completely serious. If you are going to insist on clowning around like the rest of the “Political Facebook Sheep” my friend… Then you might as well not get involved at all. Because neither the people or the politician are going to take you seriously, and will eventually ignore you.

BUT! If you come across on a more serious note. Believe me, when I tell you this. The people and the politicians will take notice.

For example: Follow the pro-Aquino pages because they will more than likely be posting a lot of shit designed to make themselves appear better (which is saying a lot) than they truly are. Once you find something of interest. Start doing your own homework to confirm any truths, fluctuations or just plain falsehoods within the article. Are they maybe taking ancient news and passing it off as the latest and greatest? Are they taking credit for the work of the previous Administration(s). Or are simply blowing smoke up your ass, because they know you will probably believe what they are saying.

Which leads me back to what I believe is one of the country’s major problems, when it comes to the political scene in the Philippines.

The people being stupid!

This is not to say the people are stupid in general. It is simply the politicians taking advantage of what they already know is something ingrained in the Filipino DNA.


The average Filipino will almost never do any kind of personal homework on anything. Especially when it comes to the political arena. This has been very evident in the last 2 election seasons. The people, without even thinking, had voted some of the most ridiculously unqualified individuals into power positions. People such as:

In almost all these cases, the people simply chose these idiots because of a family name. Someones Dad is cute. I like her smile. Or they just didn’t know who to choose. No matter what the case, the politicians are fully aware of the peoples stupidity into believing whatever they were told.

So if you are going to be involved in the activist scene. Please make sure you do it on a more positive note. And above all else… Educate the people. Remember, a laugh is for a few seconds. Education last a lifetime. So give them something to think about between now and 2016. You might just get them to seriously think, before they punch the wrong hole on their vote card.


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