Filipino Stupidity In the Online Gaming World

dota-2-officialA few months ago there was a report that a teenager in Manila had stabbed his grandmother to death, because she had interrupted his online game, which just happened to be DoTA 2. The latest incarnation of the original DoTA “mod” for the ever-popular, Warcraft III, Frozen Throne, from Blizzard Entertainment.

Now a group in Singapore have banded together to have the Philippines blocked from the game completely.

“Immoral, No talent and inhospitable” is what a player from Singapore said when asked how he described the Filipino Dota 2 Player in a community forum last night. A group of South East Asian Dota players are making a move to ban Dota 2 in the Philippines before the year ends. The company who manages Dota 2 all over the world, say they have been receiving an enormous number of requests to “IP BAN” all Filipino players within the Steam community. According to one letter that they received, Filipino Dota 2 players are useless to them and they refuse to learn anything. And many Filipino Players continue their immoral attitude as well as using foul language during game play.

about_dota2gAccording to the president of the group who is pushing forward their motion with Valve, said that their request is possible if, according to Valve, a million players within the Steam community will agree with this petition regarding the groups intentions to ban DOTA 2 in the Philippines. This move will assure Valve that they are receiving global support, and not just in South East Asia. Their request is as follows:

“We need the support of 1 million. Please support our request to ban DOTA 2 in the Philippines so there will be no more annoying players within this game.”

The groups president made their request at a gaming Expo last night in Singapore. Valve stands by its goal to maintain a “clean gaming community” for every gamer in the world. And that’s why if gamer’s from the Filipino community want to make a mess of things, then Valve will not hesitate to ban the Philippines I.P. Block from their system.

So here we go again folks. First it was the people at the street level in Singapore. Now it’s the unseen masses from within the online gaming community getting sick and tired of the Filipino mentality. Interestingly, there are 2 common denominators in this scenario.

  • Singapore.
  • The Philippines

Now! At the risk of some more classic finger pointing. I will have to agree with the gamers (no matter where they hail from) in this case. Since owning and operating a number of different Internet Cafe’s, I have personally seen the Filipino gamer get Royally Butt-hurt over some of the most ridiculously childish gaming incidents. And in almost ALL cases, their paper-thin ego was so trashed, all they could do was get upset, to the level of cussing up a storm, worse than any sailor. And then ranting and raving about how HE was a better player then anyone else.

And now there is an enormous possibility that the entire Philippine grid will be blocked on Steam’s servers. Don’t you think it’s time for you people to wake up and smell the river? Instead of talking out of your asses, maybe it’s time you soldier-up. Bite a hole in your fuckin’ lip. And accept the fact that “THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE ON THE PLANET BETTER THAN YOU!!”

And “Yes!” Valve has every right as a company, to do their own little brand of CyberCrime Justice against you idiots. “Why?” Because you don’t know how to “Lose at anything.”

Albert Anastasia

I'm just another ExPat enjoying life here in Asia. I am also having the time of my life exposing the ugly truth about the present Governmental administration of the Philippines. Especially that of current President "BS" Aquino. And the rest of his Liberal Party assholes.

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  1. As a filipino gamer myself, I actually calm and don’t care about it about things…my country is so cancerous within these things…

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