Politicians And The Stupid Filipino Voter

I am so full of shit! And you people ARE stupid enough to believe me.
I am so full of shit! And you people ARE stupid enough to believe me.

Sorry if the headline nails you like a left-hook. But it did get your attention. I have noticed for over a year now, all these Facebook pages attacking almost every politician in and around the Philippines. The administrators say one thing. The comments say another. And eventually it turns into an argument free-for-all with everyone trying to prove each other right or wrong.

Like you, I am sick and tired of watching all these politicos having the times of their lives. While you, the average Filipino is either busting your ass to make a living. Or you are sadly among the 32.6 million who are now suffering below the poverty level.

“Why is that?” You ask?

I will tell you why. Because it is all YOUR fault! That’s right folks. YOU! It was you who voted for Oligarch’s like Aquino and Binay. Criminals such as Honasan and Trillanes. The Pirate Enrile. Celebrities like Pacquiao and Estrada. And the list of thieving jerk-offs like this goes on and on.

So what does it take to break this vicious cycle of political thieves and voter stupidity? Well my friends… It’s really pretty easy. Here are a few good suggestions.

  • Stop taking vote bribes that mean nothing the day after elections.
  • Stop “block” voting, the way Iglesia Ni Cristo forces upon their blind followers.
  • Learn about your candidate. Their platforms and/or agendas for the future.
  • Stop voting for people because you think they are cute. Or you know their name. (i.e. Bam Aquino)
  • Stop voting for people who have ZERO political experience. (i.e. Nancy Binay or Manny Pacquiao)
  • Most Important: THINK FOR YOURSELF!!

Of all the suggestions, I am fully aware, the hardest is NOT taking that precious, little vote bribe. And I say little with good reason folks. I wonder if ANY of you are aware at how cheap you value yourselves? And here is why?

  • A P300 bribe breaks down to .27 centavos a day, over 3 years.
  • A P500 bribe breaks down to .46 centavos a day, over 3 years.

Christine ReyesWhy 3 years? Because that is how long your bullshit candidate will be in office. And how little you sold your life away for. Yeah, yeah, yeah…. I know you can by 10 kilo’s of Rice, which may last you a month or so. Or that party-size Red Horse for the weekend. Big deal. What about the remaining 35 months you have to deal with this ass? Oh sure, you can watch him get richer. While you get poorer. And all because YOU didn’t look at the big picture first. You just stuck your hand out!

So that’s it folks. That IS EXACTLY how you break this cycle which has dragged the Philippines ever-deeper into the abyss.

Albert Anastasia

I'm just another ExPat enjoying life here in Asia. I am also having the time of my life exposing the ugly truth about the present Governmental administration of the Philippines. Especially that of current President "BS" Aquino. And the rest of his Liberal Party assholes.

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