Status: Filipino Stupidity At Its Finest… And Most Selfish!

Since I have spent nearly 10 years in the Philippines, I can safely say the single, worst kind of Filipino, are those who came into “New money.” Most other Filipinos refer to these people as “1 day millionaires” since they have no clue as to the concept of managing their finances. Let alone save a single centavo for anything, including themselves. Their families. Or even their future. These people, in my opinion are the worst kind of Filipino, because they almost always, and immediately, turn their backs on practically everyone they ever knew. In some cases, even family.

This area, like many, is home to most of the nations "1 day millionaires."
This area, like many, is home to most of the nations “1 day millionaires.”

The first of this new breed I will talk about, are the squatters. They infest the entire country like rats, and don’t give a damn what anyone thinks of them or their actions. But within their own circles? HELL YES!! The minute any of them get some quick cash. Off they run to buy all kinds of shit they DO NOT need. 32″ Flat Screen TV’s. Stereo’s. Karaoke machines. And any other items they can use to place themselves on a bigger shit-box than their neighbors.

No matter how large or small their families are. Nothing of relevance is ever bought to improve their lives from a more logical standpoint. These people will be the first-in-line when it comes to Government handouts. And then 5 minutes after they get their check, off they go to buy something they don’t need. And whatever cash is left over, will surely be used to either feed all the free-loader relatives that just happened to come along. Or it will go towards some beer and cigarettes for the weekend. And these are the very same assholes who complain every minute of the day, about how corrupt the Government is. And how it owes them a living.

Sorry son. You need to get off your lazy ass and make a better life for yourself. On your own. And when you do find that better life. Do your family a huge favor. And take some money management courses at your local college.

Now we come to the next bunch. The actual working class Filipino. What separates them from the squatters, is this breed has some kind of steady 9-5 job. This allows them to have a more suitable residence for all the status symbols they are surely to buy. There is one bright star within this group. Since rent or a mortgage are now part of the picture. It has managed to create some level of money management. This seems to slow down the pace of running out and getting items they don’t need. In my opinion, the apartment dweller appears to be the smartest of the new money Filipinos.

This wonderful house in Bohol collapsed, because the stilts were not built to any kind of code or standard.
This wonderful house in Bohol collapsed, because the stilts were not built to any kind of code or standard.

This brings us to the final and absolute worst Filipino of all. The new home owner. I call them “the worst” because of the simple fact that once they have the ability to build a new or nicer home. They will do everything in their power to see to it that their house is better than any other residence in the barrio. The wonderful example on the right, is what happens when impatience (and shitty materials and contractors) come into play.

What is this constant insistence with the Filipino to outdo one another? It only proves what a selfish ass you have become. In this case, I personally have more respect for a thief who steals to feed his family. than I do these sad-sack excuses who burn through money in an effort to appear better than the others.

Sure… You may have a big fancy house that looks great from the street. But once anyone steps through the doorway, the interior is almost always never finished. No windows. No flooring. Nothing. But hey… there is that big, fancy, 32″ Samsung flat-screen. Right beside that new Karaoke machine.

No wonder most foreigners are laughing at the sight of these pathetic attempts at status. At least in the west, we DO know how to start at the bottom, and work our way up to what we desire. And in most cases. Deserve.


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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5 thoughts on “Status: Filipino Stupidity At Its Finest… And Most Selfish!

  1. Stop generalizing people and countries….if the Philippines is that bad…why the hell have you lived there for a freaking 10 years. I honestly believed you loved our Philippine hospitality, our friendliness and being trustfulness to everyone especially to foreigners like you…I bet a lot of my countrymen and women did a lot of good things for you….hopefully you worked your ass too and didn’t go for free food and lodging because you forgot to mention that Pilipinos treat everyone… .even strangers like you as if part of the family! Not sure what your country of origin is…but I suggest you look around your own backyard and clean it of all morons like you! It doesn’t mean you stayed in our country for 10 years you know our country, people or culture already. You are no different from some of the examples you cited. You are like a leech in a country like ours…”blood suckers!” Get your act together and pray that you find it in your heart to change. Constructive criticism is fine but insulting and downgrading the Pilipinos and our beloved country like you did and still do is just plain irrational…you are no better than a racist and a bully! So tell us, who’s stupid now?

    1. Before I get started. How are you enjoying your cushy little life in Toronto? Probably a lot better for you there, then say… Manila? Anyway, you attitude is a perfect example. You start off all “nice and sweet” before you turn on people you know nothing about. I have been living in the Philippines for 10 years now, because I love it here. I have also traveled to practically EVERY continent (not country) on this planet. As for generalizing people, I DO NOT, nor have I ever pretended to be or act superior. But when I have seen and done the amount of traveling, living and sharing different cultures. You better believe and accept what this article says. Just the fact that you’re acting so butt-hurt about the truth, is proof enough. You want to talk about acting high-and-mighty? I built a house with my wife in Pangasinan, and almost immediately, half the barrio started fixing, upgrading or building new houses, so as to try and outdo us. And you think I don’t have a clue of the Filipino’s “paper thin” ego. Almost 75% of the Filipino’s I have encountered can’t even accept the smallest amount of criticism. They hate the idea of anyone telling them they “may” be wrong. Etc.

      Just the fact that you bailed out of your country just to find work is proof enough you people don’t want your lives, let alone your country to improve. I give a shitload of credit to those 13,000 who stayed in Libya, and had the courage to tell their government “Piss on you! I’m not coming home because there’s nothing to come home too any more!” So before you start calling people leeches, bloodsuckers, or whatever the hell else you want. Go look in the mirror, and ask yourself if you may have leeched a job off a Canadian? In your own words. Get YOUR act together!!

  2. “What is this constant insistence with the Filipino to outdo one another?”. We call that crab mentality “utak talangka” and it sucks. I happen to read your blog tonight and still reading your posts. Everything you say is true. I wish Filipinos like me will open up to criticism, unfortunately they have “onion-skin” or paper-thin skin” – can’t take criticisms because they think we are a special breed, when we are not. It is embarassing. This inability to take criticisms, as well as superficiality and yellow-cult-followership are what makes this country stuck. It will really take a radical and revolutionary change to lift my country from the rubbish we are in.

  3. I love what I read – everything is true. But, I didn’t like how it ended: when you compared your own people or how you in your country get what you want.

    In a continuum of cultural dimensions, Filipinos and western people, like yourself, have a very high Power Distance Index, that is, Filipinos, to some extent, accept and expect that power is distributed unequally. Power is something that one inherits. Everyone recognised the gap between the rich and the poor, the boss and subordinate, the leader and members, etc. We do not have the concept of “American Dream”. This is also true among other oriental people or countries.

    What brought this about? The Philippines had been colonised for the longest. The country had and has been robbed of its natural wealth and resources. Unequal distribution of wealth is rampant. It has only been less than a hundred year that Filipinos have been experiencing their “freedom” from those colonisers. Less than a hundred for even when Mc Tydinh’s law that American congress passed in the past to grant The Philippines her independence, the country had been still controlled by powerful “forces”: check the constitution, the business elite that control prices and supply, policies for both local and foreign.

    We all want this to be changed. We all do. I really want to repost what you wrote here for it’s a sad reality that we all Filipinos have to face. Yet, I thought it wouldn’t be successful if I use the same last paragraph that you used. It might just cause further rift and Division.

    Change. Filipinos as a people are very Short Oriented (as opposed to being long oriented like Chinese). Any change in the system is always viewed fishy and unnecessary. It’s really is a challenge. The current president is having a hard time himself for sure.

    It’s easy to say a group of people is this and that. Yet, when one starts to realise the root cause of why they behave the way they do, perhaps, he or she starts to realise the real meaning of the African virtue: I am because of who we all are.

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