The Idiocy of Living In The Past

Imelda wearing some of her famous jewelry
Imelda wearing some of her famous jewelry

Imelda Marcos spent $2.1 million on a 1-day, jewelry shopping spree! Big fuckin’ deal!! I personally know someone who spent $250,000 on an engagement ring. And nobody gave him shit for it! Especially not for the last 30 years!!

You people have no clue of how to move forward! Christ almighty!! Can you imagine where Germany would be today, if they constantly reminded themselves of Adolf Hitler? Or Japan when it comes to Tojo? Who gives a shit if Imelda spent $2.1M in a day (which is near impossible) on jewelry? Why not reflect on the billions of pesos your stupid politicians have wasted chasing down all the “alleged” stolen wealth attained by the Marcos family?

In fact, more money has been wasted chasing after it, than what could ever be returned. If one takes into account everything from courtroom legal fees, to labour costs, all the way down to the simplest items such as hotel accommodations and meals. Over the course of the last 3 decades, the unaccounted for losses alone, would be staggering. What’s even worse is this. Where has the supposed $4 billion PCGG and your leaders claim to have recovered for you, the people? Because if you’re going to continue to believe the seemingly endless shit these government websites of theirs have been reporting all this time. Then you have truly become dumber than they had ever envisioned.

If you idiots had put the same amount of energy into bettering your country, the way you do chasing money you will never have, you would have become the “Big Dog” on the Asian block. Instead, ever since your pointless EDSA1 disaster, your country has gone nowhere, except downhill!

To make matters even worse, is your very unhealthy ‘negative” fixation with Marcos as a whole. No body really gave a shit what they were doing between 1965 until 1973. Why not? Because he was busy building your nation into something better than it already was. Sure, the leaders before him did their part in keeping things running. Yet it was Ferdinand Marcos who really did more than all before him, combined. In fact, recent evidence shows he did more for the country than those who came after him as well.

As for the Martial Law years, that is another story in itself. But if you ask around, I am sure almost anyone between the current ages of 50-75 will tell you things were peaceful in and around the country. And not because of living in fear, the way today’s propaganda machines will have you believe. But because Filipinos actually do need some kind of ordered discipline in their lives.

And please… Do not start yammering on about all those loans you have to pay back. Your precious Saint Cory herself, borrowed an additional $5 billion from the U.S. her first year in office. Some experts believe if your government had simply forgotten about chasing the Marcos wealth, your loans would have been near paid off by now. But instead they have squandered your tax money on chasing a ghost.

So when are you people going to wake up to reality, and start moving forward?

Albert Anastasia

I'm just another ExPat enjoying life here in Asia. I am also having the time of my life exposing the ugly truth about the present Governmental administration of the Philippines. Especially that of current President "BS" Aquino. And the rest of his Liberal Party assholes.

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3 thoughts on “The Idiocy of Living In The Past

  1. Albert Anesthesia -what an apt name for a brain-dead of an author….and to even compare what happened to hitler and tojo who were either committed suicide or executed after their horrible deeds….now you wake up you moron and try to find you IQ, you must have dropped them somewhere

    1. Well now. Considering you can’t properly decipher or comprehend what you read. I will just ignore the idiocy born of an ignorant mind. And even if I myself. Or anyone else tried to assist you with your ailing sense of reality. It would be futile indeed.

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