Aquino Finally Crossed The Supreme Court Line!

Autistic AbnoyThis has become pure, Power Play BULLSHIT!! President Aquino and his crew firmly believe the Supreme Court in their recent findings that some of what he, and his boy, “Butch” Abad had done was wrong in their maneuvering of DAP funds. He and his minions now arguably defend their curious activities, by claiming the Court was stupid enough to either ignore or overlook one part of Executive Order 292, and not another.

Personally, I believe, over these past 6 months, as the Court was going over everything with an obvious “fine-toothed” comb (in a linear or numerical order I might add), they came upon Section 38 of BOOK VI/Chapter 5-Budget Execution, and concluded it was unconstitutional for them to do what they had done. The Court also knew full-and-well, every part between Sections 39 to 50 had now become null. This is where the term “partially unconstitutional” comes into play.

Meanwhile, all of Aquino’s supporters (The few they truly are), claim if you combine parts 38, 49 and the newly added 39, their little stunt now becomes constitutional. Well Gee-Wiz! I guess if those who drafted law had put those 2 parts together, way back in 1987 to begin with, it would be Mr. Aquino. But your Mom DID NOT!! So accept the fact that you and your “boy” there have committed a crime against the Constitution. Which, if I remember correctly, IS the “Law of The Land.”

If you would like to read the questionable parts for yourself. Just click on the following link. You will find the Sections in question, highlighted in orange text.

BOOK VI/Chapter 5 – Budget Execution


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