Aquino’s Annual SONA: More Like The Academy Awards

Aquino SpeakingFirst, I would like to clarify the meaning of SONA. Some claim it means, State Of The Nation. For the past 4 years, it has come to take on a whole new meaning.

SONA = Spouting Obscene Nonsense Annually

Sadly, it seems to have less to do with the true state of the country itself. And more to do with how Aquino and his minions can flaunt their wealth amongst themselves, as well as for the millions of television viewers who tune in to watch the annual freak show.

They roll out the Red Carpet for these shameless charlatans and their spouses. Who seem more concerned with showing off their latest fashions, as if either going to the regular Sunday Church Social. Or the Academy Awards.

Sona - Lucy Torrez and Richard Gomez
Lucy Torrez-Gomez and husband Richard Gomez. What’s with the yellow ribbon there girl?!

What the hell is wrong with you idiots? You’re simply going to listen to your nations President spew forth his usual vindictive garbage of blaming everyone from Gloria Arroyo to Ferdinand Marcos for his administrations inabilities to fix the country’s current (and ongoing) impoverished state of affairs.

And let’s not forget the constant improvements to the nations economy! My God man!! There are nearly 3 million homeless people in and around Manila. Half of which are children. And you have the audacity to claim The Philippines is some kind of rising “Tiger” when it comes to economics? Sorry bro… Tell that shit to the Marines! Your bullshit is all on paper, and nowhere else.

Now! Rather than pick through the annual shitbox full of politicl surprises. Let’s talk about the single, most blasphemous part of last nights gala event. Media giant ABS/CBN decided to have an online contest on Facebook.

The “SONA2014 Fashion People’s Choice awards.”

What’s worse is… People actually played along and gave “likes” for who they thought was best dressed. Have you people been doing too much Shabu? With every click of your mouse, you’re feeding their egos.

From Kris to Nancy. These shameless individuals have no business calling themselves "public servants"
From Kris to Nancy. These shameless individuals have no business calling themselves “public servants”

Here is a sampling of last night’s polling. And will you look at that? Kris got what appears to be 62,000 likes. Are there really that many stupid people on facebook?

And let’s not forget the food and drinks that have to go along with a shindig such as this. The rumor mill has it things were catered at P800 per plate.

After looking at all of this shameless activity, I can’t help but realize who paid for all of this? Let’s make a short list of the obvious, shall we? And remember, DAP and PDAF are looming in the background of all this.

  • Red Carpet
  • Security
  • Catering
  • The venue
  • Fashions, including shoes and jewelry

YOU! the Filipino tax payers. You people paid for every single stitch of last nights event. Now why did I mention the DAP and PDAF?

Where the fuck do any of you think these bastards got the money to pay for all of this?


Albert Anastasia

I'm just another ExPat enjoying life here in Asia. I am also having the time of my life exposing the ugly truth about the present Governmental administration of the Philippines. Especially that of current President "BS" Aquino. And the rest of his Liberal Party assholes.

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