Cory Aquino’s Legacy: A Pure Hell Indeed!

Why do you people continually treat this woman like a Saint? All her work has brought you nothing but misery to this very day.
Why do you people continually treat this woman like a Saint? All her work has brought you nothing but misery — and her son — to this very day.

The yellow mythology presents Cory Aquino as saving the Filipinos from the tyranny of the Marcos dictatorship. That’s only half the story. The other half of the story is that the EDSA1 disaster was a case of Filipinos jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

In short, Cory Aquino “freed” the Filipinos from the tyranny of Marcos and delivered the Filipinos to the tyranny of the oligarchy. That was not liberation. It was simply transferring the reins of power from a one-man dictatorship to a collective dictatorship.

Although Cory herself was not the dictator, she was, However, the spokesperson and figurehead, who executed the decisions of the vested interests who benefited from government regulations issued during her time.

Cory may be gone, but the regime (The set of rules, cultural or social norms, etc. that regulate the operation of government and its interactions with society) persists to this day. The outcome of Cory’s regime are its legacy. A legacy is further defined as “something that is passed on to you”.

So what has Cory passed on to Filipino people? Here are the 5 key things that she passed on to you, the people.

Cory Aquino’s Legacy #1 – Serfdom

The economy is propped up by the remittances of the slave classes (serfs) deployed overseas.

In pre-colonial times, the people at the bottom of the barrel were scornfully known as slave side. The location was the spot behind and below the house where the toilet is situated.

These slaves were single men and women who worked in and tended the guild of their master’s homes. They were completely dependent on their master for food and shelter, but if they could make some money on the side, they were allowed to keep some of it.

Isn’t this a familiar song among OFW’s? Whether in the Middle East, Japan, Hong Kong, Europe, or even in the US? How many Filipinos with a 4 year college degree, have ended up being serfs in foreign households and/or businesses?

Joblessness pervades the Philippines. The unemployment rate remains high – and the 7% joblessness rate has not budged since Cory’s anointed son,Noynoy Aquino took over. The Aquino regime can claim that there are jobs around, but the wages are so low that Filipinos in war-torn countries like Syria and Libya would rather take their chances there than return to the predictably low wages of the Philippines.

Too add insult to injury, the Aquino regime boasts of the remittances provided by the slave classes as part of the GDP.

Cory Aquino’s Legacy #2 – Poverty

Cory’s second legacy is Poverty. The recent SWS surveys have shown that poverty has even increased during the watch of Cory’s anointed son,Noynoy Aquino. The country’s standard of living remains low while those of its ASEAN peers have grown substantially.

A ranking of the GDP per capita among different agencies consistently shows the Philippines among the other Asian countries at the bottom of the barrel:

1. In the World Bank 2012 list, the Philippines is ranked 121 out of 180 countries.

2. In the IMF 2012 list, the Philippines is ranked 128 out of 185 countries.

3. In the CIA 2012 list, the Philippines is ranked 134 out of 195 countries.

All that jobless GDP Growth being bandied about by Noynoy Aquino is worthless. And that’s not even counting the statistical discrepancy called out by the World Bank. When the WB Economic Update stated that

Growth in the third quarter must be tempered by the fact that statistical discrepancy explains 1.4 ppt of the 7.1 percent growth. This suggests that either third quarter growth will be revised downwards or fourth quarter growth will be lower by around two percentage points as statistical discrepancy is zeroed out in the full year growth statistic.”

The WB meant that the 7.1% GDP growth should be taken with a grain of salt.

Cory Aquino’s Legacy #3 – Tyranny

First. Let us define Tyranny:

  1. arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.

  2. oppressive or unjustly severe government on the part of any ruler.

  3. undue severity or harshness.

The 1972 Marcos Constitution was full of restrictive economic policies. In fact the Philippine constitution is unique in having equity restrictions on foreign businesses. Normally, such restrictions are passed via legislation – the Philippines instead embedded it in the constitution.

With Marcos’ removal, you would think that Cory Aquino’s regime would remove these impediments to economic development. Sorry folks. But you’re wrong! Cory did not remove those restrictions. The were retained – and even expanded upon. And she even out Marcos with welfare programs embedded in the Constitution. Remember the term “Big Brother Is Watching You.”

In terms of the 2012 Index of Economic Freedom, the Philippines is ranked 97 out of 161 countries. And categorized as “Mostly Unfree.”

Cory Aquino’s Legacy #4 – Corruption

Plunder goes unabated. Plunder was centralized under Marcos. The plunder did not go away in Cory’s time. It simply became “decentralized.” In short, more plundering came into existence.

The Corruption Perceptions Index of 2012 ranked the Philippines 105 out of 174 countries.

In terms of Ease of Doing Business, the Philippines ranked 138 out of 185 countries.

Just look at the pathetic way the Philippine Senators squabble over the taxes they plundered from the Filipino taxpayers.

Or how Aquino dangled the pork barrel among Philippine congressmen in order to sign the articles of impeachment of Chief Justice Corona. Even if the congressmen had never read the articles to begin with.

And more recently, look at how Aquino dangled the pork barrel again in order to railroad the passing of an unnecessary RH bill.

Then, there’s the CCT subsidy which is so full of fraud – and yet the three pigs Dinky Soliman, Frank Drilon, and Butch Abad keep on supporting it on the basis that it alleviates poverty. The results however show that poverty in the Philippine has increased even as the CCT subsidy funding increased.

In 2013, as the Mid-term elections came to fruition, the P317B billion COA audit-exempt pork barrel allocated for Kim Jong Un (Noynoy Aquino) was again, put to good use.

Cory Aquino’s Legacy #5 – Noynoy Aquino

Lastly, it will be a disservice not to mention Cory’s final legacy, Noynoy Aquino, who has continued the moronic policies of his equally inept and vacuous mother.

It’s also interesting how the election of Cory and Noynoy have parallels in that the conduct of both electoral exercises were surrounded by dubious circumstances. Where Cory had manual dagdag bawas, Noynoy had an electronic dagdag bawas.

And just like Cory, Noynoy continues to be a willing mouthpiece of the collective dictatorship of the Filipino oligarchy – and keeps Filipinos chained to serfdom, poverty, tyranny, and corruption.

Originally posted on The Controversial Files – Sept 2013


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  1. To the writer of this particular article. Congratulations! This is actually much much better than previous ones. More intellectual, more critical, less biased, and less of that tabloid feel. Hope it continue to stay this way and even improve 🙂 One thing though why is the article about Corys legacy but the data is in 2012? Just because they have the same last name? Does not make sense to me. But still props to the writer 😉

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