Marcos’ Accomplishments Far Exceed The Efforts of All Post-1986 Presidents

Jean Luc PicardI recently came across a small article that gave a quick factual assessment of how terrible a job every President since Cory Aquino, until now, have done for the Philippine nation as a whole. And worse, the people had been brainwashed to believe the following:

  1. Nothing truly positive could have come out of Marcos.
  2. If others were given a chance to rule, they can even outdo Marcos.
  3. Given more than 20 years, the combined efforts of succeeding regimes should surely far outweigh Marcos’ accomplishments.

But facts that could be empirically verified only indicate that none of the above were true.

I’ve been deeply regretting having rooted for Cory and the Aquino’s. The only thing Cory and the Aquino’s did was lower the bar of not only competence, and actual accomplishments, but also of responsibility, honesty, and accountability.

The only department that has arguably accomplished anything within the Aquino government is their brainwashing/propaganda media department. No regime has so vigorously been so keen & have invested so much at ruining its political enemies and opposition, through hate campaigns and dirty politics, as the Aquino government(s). They have also gotten into the Facebook game, by creating pages such as: No Fear For Pnoy, or One More Term For Pinoy. With the latter, practically from its inception, spouting nothing of value, except to constantly make the people aware (and reminded) of how wonderfully the President has spent millions of dollars (dollars mind you) on modernizing the Armed Forces and the National Police. Meanwhile, waiting on the sidelines, are millions of poverty stricken individuals listening to bullshit about a constantly improving economy.

Although this may seem like a good idea in the wake of China muscling in on the Philippines territorial waterways. It is purely a politically tactical move to appear superior. But does absolutely nothing for the nations infrastructure and economy. In fact, all the money spent on the weapons and other hardware, are coming from loans. Loans that an impoverished nation surely cannot afford to pay back any time soon.

And while I am on the subject of seriously wasted money. Let’s talk about the upcoming $3 billion subway system Abnoy is now claiming will solve most of the Manila traffic and transportation issues. In a metropolis that is annually infested with flooding nightmares, does this really seem like the logical thing to do? Let me be even more direct. For less than $500 million, he could repair, upgrade and expand upon the existing MRT/LRT system running in and around Metro Manila. And with zero concern for any flooding problems.

But it will never happen, For Aquino sees status as more important than logic.


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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