Marcos & Aquino: The Never-Ending Story

The people suffer because of one family's jealousy towards another.
The people suffer because of one family’s jealousy towards another.

“Aquino is the best President the country ever had, and Marcos was the worst!”

“Aquino is the worst leader the Philippines ever had. And Apo Macoy was by far, the best.”

Both statements are a “Nice and Dandy” argument. But the simple fact is, not a single President or his Administration since the ’86 EDSA1 disaster have done ANYTHING to truly fix the nation. Instead, they continually blame the Marcos’ for almost everything including the current state of things. Its economy, infrastructure and poverty levels are worse than ever. For nearly 30 years now both sides, right or wrong, have been harping about The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Ferdinand Marcos and Noynoy Aquino. As well as Cory, Ramos, Estrada and Gloria.

As I have said in the past… Can you imagine where nations like Germany and Japan would be today if their leaders and the people kept whining about Hitler and Tojo? I will tell you where. They would be sitting at the same impoverished coffee table, comparing their nations failings with the Philippines. Instead, they accepted their mistakes (and whatever blame) as entire nations. Then picked themselves up, and started rebuilding. And for the last 50 years, have been economic powerhouses. Not just domestically. But globally. So how many more years do the Filipino people want to waste on shit they can no longer do anything about?

Neither group is going to win the above mentioned argument. It’s over and done with. Get over it and move on! There are over 100 million people that would like to see their lives and families improved upon.

To shed some light on the argument. Let us compare Marcos’ legacy to that of Cory Aquino.

Ferdinand Marcos

  • Manila Children’s Hospital.
  • Medical Research Facilities (Philippine Heart, Lung and Kidney Centers).
  • Philippine Cultural Center.
  • The Coconut Palace.
  • A world-class educational system (Average 95% Literacy Rate).
  • The Philippines’ strongest-ever economy. (2nd to Japan).
  • The Peso has a stronger average to $1.00.
  • Modern roads, expressways and bridges.
  • Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.


Cory Aquino

  • Through a shady finance deal, 67% of Philippine Airlines’ stock was given to her Nephews.
  • Sale of the PAL headquarters in San Francisco, at a $6 million loss to the company.
  • 38 of Kokoy Romualdez’s companies were handed over to her brother-in-law, Ricardo “Baby” Lopa.
  • PLDT given (not sold) back to her Cujuangco nephews.
  • Created Presidential Proclamation 131, to deny Hacienda Luisita being given back to the farmers.
  • Promised Doy Laurel he would remain Prime Minister. Then reneged on the deal after she took office.
  • Fired Miriam Defensor Santiago as head of the Dept of Agrarian Reform, to protect Hacienda Luisita.
  • Refused to turn on the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Increased the Philippine Debt burden with an additional $5 billion loan from the U.S.

So what’s the point of the above little exercise? It’s designed to show you what happens when the current powers-that-be control history. Neither of the above lists are rarely, if ever, mentioned in the history books, let alone a casual conversation. Why? Because the current Administration doesn’t want anyone to be aware of such facts. The first list would remind the people of a lot of the good Marcos did for them during his tenure. And the second list would obviously make “good ‘ol” Cory look a lot less saintly. And more like the Oligarch she is.

The real truth is this. For the last 3 decades the people of the Philippines have been suffering under the thumb of the Oligarchy and the estimated 40 ruling elite families. The real shocker is this. 76% of the nations GDP and 50% of it’s wealth are controlled by a mere .04% (less than half of 1%) of the nations population. That’s roughly 40,000 people, out of 105 million people.

This obviously insane picture is not a Democracy. And if Marcos’ regime was a singular Dictatorship, Then today, the Philippines is a nation controlled by multiple Dictators. Dictators disguised as businessmen. Senators. Congressmen. Even the President himself.

So how can this be brought to an end? It’s really a lot easier than you might think.

1. Come 2016, you the people have to “vote out” as much of the Liberal Party as possible. It is time to bring their bullshit way of doing things to an end. The remaining goofs we can get rid of in 2019.

2. Flat-out refuse any vote bribes. You are aware that over a 3 year period, a P300 bribe equates to just .27 centavos a day. That’s how cheap you people sell your lives away for.

3. No more block-voting the way Iglesia Ni Cristo demands of their “blind-sheep” followers. Learn to think for yourselves. Remember, INC is just another business cult disguised as a church.

4. Educate yourselves. Not just in school. But educate yourselves politically. Learn what you can about the current and future politicians. Not just from the television. But from the Internet. There is a world of information out there just waiting to be tapped.

In utilizing the words of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. “Stop talking about doing something. And start acting on upon it!”

Albert Anastasia

I'm just another ExPat enjoying life here in Asia. I am also having the time of my life exposing the ugly truth about the present Governmental administration of the Philippines. Especially that of current President "BS" Aquino. And the rest of his Liberal Party assholes.

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