More Yellow Fever Infected Souls For The Aquino Meatgrinder

It seems the 2016 Election season is upon us a little early folks. And our fanatical friends from ONE MORE TERM FOR ABNOY have started their “Hate Campaign” by going straight for the Marcos throat. The following paragraphs were posted earlier today.

“Due to the effect of social media in influencing public opinion, the Marcos family has hired and commissioned people to create political pages to spread lies and vitriol while praising and glorifying the Marcoses.

Pages such as Get Real Philippines, Showbiz Government, Resign All Movement, Fix the System, and the like are Marcos propaganda machines aimed at making BBM president for 2016.”James

Seriously Mr Paredes. You need to stick to what you seem to be good at. Playing with big guns, to make up for your smaller equipment. Normally, I would have simply dismissed it as more of the obvious “insider” bullshit that has been running so rampant these past few months from these goofs. But what caught my eye was our friend here made mention of the folks at Get Real Philippines, as being on the Marcos payroll. This is about as ludicrous as one can get. To the best of my knowledge, GRP has never once said anything “pro-Marcos” in their entire existence. Even the Facebook group, Showbiz Government has been around since August 2010. A mere 3 months after the Presidential elections put BS Aquino in office.

BBM 01One thing is obvious. BS Aquino is not just worried about Senator Marcos. He is afraid. Afraid that after 30 years of successfully keeping the Marcos’ out of the top seat, they just might manage to take it back in 2016. And for good reason. Senator Marcos has done obvious wonders with his home province of Ilocos Norte. So much so, that it has been getting high marks, not only from the Philippine side of things. But from the International community.

Among the measures he authored was the landmark law establishing the Philippine Youth Commission. He was also instrumental in advancing the cause of cooperatives by devoting most of his Countryside Development Fund (CDF) to organizing cooperatives of teachers and farmers in his home province.

In 1998, he ran and won Governor of Ilocos Norte, where he served for three (3) consecutive terms. In his nine years as Governor, he transformed Ilocos Norte into a first-class province, showcasing its natural and cultural tourism destination areas, as well as its pioneer wind power technology that serves as an alternative source of energy for the needs of the province and neighboring towns.

In 2007, he was elected back to the House of Representatives, where he served as Deputy Minority Leader. During this term, one of the important pieces of legislation he authored was the Philippine Archipelegic Baselines Law, or Republic Act No. 9522.

These achievements. And the fact that Filipinos are becoming more aware of the positive accomplishments of his father, and ignoring the BS Aquino driven “Martial Law, Dark Days” rantings, Senator Marcos will likely become a heavy contender in the 2016 Presidential race.


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