Philippine Political Arena: A True Showbiz Government

Why can’t these people just fade away gracefully. Rather than add their own brand of political thinking to what is the nightmare known as Philippine Politics?


HOLY JESUS! Filipino Celebrity Sharon Cuneta might be throwing her hat into the Political ring. Targeting the Mayor’s slot in Pasay may seem like a modest start with a minor position, still does not give her — or any of these inexperienced players — the right to screw with an already volatile playing field. A few months back comedian Ai Ai Delas Alas had decided that she too won’t be able to stay out of public view, and decided to enter politics.

For me, I am not sure who’s worse. These in-experienced idiots thinking they can simply become politicians overnight. Or the uneducated idiots who continually vote for them.

From Joseph “Erap” Estrada, to  Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao or Boy Abunda. And all their other celebrity peers in between. In almost all cases, these individuals have proven time-and-time again that they have no business in the political arena. The biggest thing that drives them, is their paper-thin egos won’t allow them to quietly retire or fade away from public view. In fact recent reports (as of July 2015) have Manny Pacguiao considering a “shift” to the heavily corrupt Liberal Party, so as to support his friend Mar Roxas and his bid for the Presidency in 2016.

Instead, they firmly believe they can make it big as politicians. Partly because their fan-base will surely elect them. Just look at Mr Pacquiao? To date he holds the record for being the most absent Congressman in his country’s history, by sitting in on a mere 4 sessions in 3 years. Most recently, he has entrenched himself within the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) as a coach, manager, player or what ever the hell he thinks he is. There have even been reports he’s become addicted to the world of online computer gaming, and wants to join a professional DOTA (Defense of The Ancients) team. And I suppose all of this idiocy is simply meant to gain those “pogi” points come the 2016 election season bro?

Or how about Erap Estrada? In 1998 He made it all the way to the Presidential chair, and 2 years later got caught with his hands in the financial cookie jar. Then he tried it again in 2010, and lost to Noynoy “Abnoy” Aquino by a mere 2 million votes. Not to be undaunted, in 2013 he got elected Mayor of Manila.

Even Willie Revillame wants a Senatorial position. Why the fuck can't you idiots quietly retire? And stay away from something you know nothing about!
Even Willie Revillame is considering a Senatorial position. Why the hell can’t these idiots quietly retire? And stay away from something you know nothing about!

Of course, former actress Vilma Santos could be seen as a rare exception to the rule. Being the current Governor of Batangas has somehow given Ai Ai something to aspire to. Nice thought there girl. Instead of trying to jump all the way to the top of the political ladder. Why don’t you try starting at the beginning? Like say a Barangay Official. Or is that beneath you? Well, I guess another inexperienced goof like Nancy Binay wouldn’t matter to the nations constituents.

Which brings me to you, the people. What so-drives you to consistently, election-after-election, to put these idiots in office? I mean, if you are going to insist on electing inexperienced, non-qualified jerks, why not then simply elect your neighbors dog? It’s the same thing. But with one, big exception.

A dog is incapable of deceit.


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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One thought on “Philippine Political Arena: A True Showbiz Government

  1. All theses celebrities running for government positions make the Ateneo School of Government look stupid….. study government, for what?….. Just strut in front of the camera, get famous….

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