The Aquino’s And Assassination Reality

AquinoDon’t you find it interesting, after 30+ years, no one truly has a clue who killed Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr? There have been people speculating about everything from who was the true trigger man. To who ordered the killing itself. Mere hours after the shooting, the government declared that Rolando Galman, a Communist hitman acting on orders from Philippine Communist Party chairman Rodolfo Salas, was the man who killed Aquino.

During the course of the eventual investigation, and court hearings, no one actually identified who fired the gun that killed Aquino, but Rebecca Quijano, another passenger on Aquino’s flight, testified that she saw a man behind Aquino (running from the stairs towards Aquino and his escorts) point a gun at the back of his head, then there was the sound of a gunshot. A postmortem analysis disclosed that Aquino was shot in the back of the head at close range with the bullet exiting at the chin at a downward angle, which supported Quijano’s testimony. More suspicions were aroused when Quijano described the assassin as wearing a military uniform.

The entire scenario stinks of a conspiracy similar to the Kennedy assassination. Accusers say one thing. Yet autopsies and bullet trajectories say another. In the case of JFK, the so-called experts claim the shooter was Lee Harvey Oswald. Acting alone, and shooting from a vantage point high above, and behind Kennedy’s motorcade. Yet film footage proves the actual “kill shot” came from a low point, in front of the Presidents car. This of course gave rise to the whole “magic bullet” theory, which paints the most ridiculous of answers ever conceived.

KennedyOswald fires at Kennedy, and strikes his shoulder. Upon exit, the bullet continues forward, hitting Governor Connally. Then exits, striking the vehicles firewall located at Connally’s feet. At this point, one would expect the process to have come to an end. Amazingly the bullet ricochets off the firewall, and without losing any momentum, continues back and strikes Kennedy a second time, causing his head to be thrown backwards. Thus, eliminating the theory that the killer was someone in front of the motorcade.

Which brings us back to the similar situation with the Aquino shooting. Most reports, investigations and whatnot, have the shooter, Rolando Galman, taking Aquino out from ground level and a few feet from the van. Whereas eye-witness Rebecca Quijano’s testimony has the shooter coming down the same stairwell, and shooting Aquino from behind, and at a higher angle. This supports the fact that the bullet exited his chin at a downward angle.

So we have two very similar situations. Except with one very huge set of differences between them. The Kennedy Assassination never truly ended with the Warren Commission findings. In the mid to late 1960’s, New Orleans attorney Jim Garrison brought a number of suspected conspirators to trial for the Kennedy assassination. And in 1978 the House Select Committee concluded that Oswald was not the only shooter in Dealey Plaza that fateful day.

Meanwhile, with the assassination of Ninoy Aquino, practically everyone involved. Especially from both the Aquino and Cojuangco clans, seem to have put the whole ordeal to bed. That time, with the aid of media propaganda have concluded that it was solely the work of former President Ferdinand Marcos, and no one else. Although names like Imelda Marcos and Fabian Ver have surfaced from time to time. The saddest fact of all, is that not a single sole from the Aquino family has shown even the slightest bit of interest in finding the real answers. One would think that with the victims son in the Presidential seat these days, he would definitely use some of his clout to find out who was truly responsible for his own fathers death?

I guess he doesn’t really want to find out the real truth of who may have been the true mastermind behind it all. The one other name that Marcos had on his list of suspects.

Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco, Jr.

[Here’s why] – According to journalist Tony Lopez, Ninoy would have most likely declared martial law too if he became president. In an interview he gave while being on Christmas furlough in his Times Street residence in 1972, the senator revealed his support for martial law.

He told Lopez that it was the only way to solve the country’s social and financial woes brought on by rebellion, oligarchy, and patronage politics. As a gesture of his sincerity for reform should he ever be president, Ninoy said that he would personally order the partitioning of his wife’s family’s vast Hacienda Luisita.

Such a move sure does lend credibility to a Cojuangco wanting him dead now. Doesn’t it?


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2 thoughts on “The Aquino’s And Assassination Reality

  1. Ninoy is already considered a hero and Marcos a villain. If I were also in the shoes of the Aquinos, I will not bother solving the crime. History against Marcos might change so why bother.

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