Has The Time Finally Come For People Power 4?

Original Art - Eric Drooker
Original Art – Eric Drooker

It’s NOT just about the Pork Barrel any more folks. In light of the recent events transpiring between the President and his Party’s threats and personal agenda against the Supreme Court. It may be time to consider another “People Power” movement.

And it CANNOT be another one of those pointless 4 or 5 hour rally’s with everyone screaming and shouting. Only to discover most came for the free food and other shit that had NOTHING to do with the issue at hand. The longer you wait. The more it gives BS Aquino and his allies time to consolidate themselves. And get more entrenched. If they succeed in taking away the autonomy of the Supreme Court, there will be no end to what they can do.

Just the mere fact that President Aquino has been hinting at changing the Constitution to allow for his extended stay in power should tell every juan that his motives are solely personal and are not designed for the people and the future of this nation.

From the moment he took office in 2010. Until this very DAY, he and his allied minions have been systematically raping, pillaging and plundering the nation to suit their own personal needs. Through false claims of improved economic reforms. Lies about alleviating poverty and assisting the victims of Yolanda. Not to mention the shattered hopes for those in Zamboanga. And on and on.

It has been one long lie after another. For over 4 years now you have listened and believed in BS Aquino and his lies regarding freedom and democracy. Only to discover that Cory Aquino’s own Son has shattered her memory with his vindictive ways.

To get a better, more well-rounded idea of just what is happening, let’s compare current notes with everyone’s favorite President, Ferdinand Marcos.

Some Marcos facts.

  • Instituted massive economic reforms during the 1960’s that legitimately rebuilt the country.
  • Enacted Martial Law in 1972 per the 1935 Commonwealth Constitution.
  • Drafted a new, Parliamentary Constitution in 1973
  • Extended Martial Law in 1973, based on the peoples vote.
  • Alleged human rights abuses.
  • Alleged theft of billions.
  • Removed from office in the EDSA1 People Power movement in 1986.

The BS Aquino facts.

  • Pushed into office in 2010, due to his mothers passing in 2009.
  • Promptly cancelled former President Gloria Arroyo’s massive economic projects.
  • Created the DAP with partner “Butch” Abad in 2011.
  • Began abusing the PDAF and the DAP for personal motives and gain from his allies.
  • Impeached CJ Corona and jailed Gloria Arroyo, alleging corruption on both parts.
  • In reality CJ Corona and the SC were moving to disperse Hacienda Luisita back to the farmers.
  • Gloria is being detained simply because she was his predecessor and opponent.
  • PDAF exposed in early 2013 due to the sudden appearance of Janet Lim Napoles.
  • DAP made public, late in 2013, thanks to Senator Jinggoy Estrada revealing its existence.
  • Has ignored the victims of typhoon Yolanda and the Zamboanga siege.
  • During the 1014 SONA, publicly lied about the relief efforts in both cases.
  • President Aquino personally made direct threats against the Supreme Court.
  • President Aquino Is threatening to impeach another Chief Justice. His own appointee.
  • Targeting extending his term through (Cha-Cha) Charter Change.
  • Wants to remove the autonomy of the Supreme Court, alleging “too much power.”
  • Through the last 4 items, has technically set himself up as a Dictator.

PP 02
Original Art – Eric Drooker

So how much more information do any of you need to see whats happening to your country. And by all accounts, has done far worse the President Marcos could have ever dreamed of.

And you so-called Noytards need to get the fuck off your “blind-mans pedestals” and stop preaching all this pro-Aquino bullshit to your fellow Filipino’s. How dare you for sleeping soundly, knowing your deceiving yourself and the rest of the nation. And for what? A cheesy paycheck, simply because you’re too fucking lazy to get a regular job? And believe me, If Aquino get’s re-elected, you’re all out of a job. Why? Because he won’t need your lazy asses any more.

Ok! Back to the primary focus-at-hand. If any of you out there truly enjoy what’s befallen you and the rest of your people, then go right ahead and keep on playing the Aquino, Liberal Party game.

But if you’re truly tired of this shit, then stop praying to God for a miracle. It’s NEVER going to happen. Instead, get down on your knees and pray to that little piece of God that’s in each and every one of you. Then get up on your own two feet, and go fight for what you know to be right!!!


Albert Anastasia

I'm just another ExPat enjoying life here in Asia. I am also having the time of my life exposing the ugly truth about the present Governmental administration of the Philippines. Especially that of current President "BS" Aquino. And the rest of his Liberal Party assholes.

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4 thoughts on “Has The Time Finally Come For People Power 4?

  1. “Kung hindi tayo kikibo, sino ang kikibo? Kung hindi tayo kikilos, sino ang kikilos? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?” (If we don’t fight back, who will? If we don’t do anything, who will? If we don’t do it now, when will it happen?)

    Abraham “Ditto” Pascual Sarmiento Jr. (1950-1977) was a law student and editor-in-chief of the University of the Philippines’ school paper, Philippine Collegian, in 1975-76.

  2. Absolutely correct! The current happening about the 44 fallen SAF is a good example of how insensitive and incompetent this president is. Magising na po tayo mga kababayan!

    1. Only to people who either can’t see how fucked up their country has become. Or simply refuse to accept it. And with the fact that you’re living in the Bay area. Further confirms the fact that you don’t shit about your own country any more.

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