Nancy Binay: Every Juan’s Favorite Political Clown

Nancy-BinayWhat on Gods green Earth compelled you idiots to put this absolutely useless individual into Political office? She hasn’t done anything worth a shit, in her entire life, except maybe being Daddy’s “little pet.” Either way, she has no business being in politics.

And here’s why!

First off! She has absolutely zero political experience prior to you idiots giving her a seat in the Senate. Not even the tiniest post within the Barangay system. Her previous job (If you can call it that?) was nothing more than being a personal assistant. What’s that you ask? It’s what we in the states call a “go for” folks.

Example: “Hey Nancy? Can you go for this. Or Nancy, can you go for that?!

And the ONLY known person who ever gave her a job? Her own father. At age 39 she could never get a job in the private sector, and had to rely on Daddy to always come to the rescue.

Her family is extremely wealthy and well connected. With all that going for her, she couldn’t even summon the skills to go into business for herself?

She publicly admitted it was not her decision to run, but the Party’s. Wow!? You don’t even have the character (let alone the brains) to make your own decisions? Sounds like you’re now a puppet of UNA? She never even campaigned for herself in any way, shape or form. She has refused any public debates, including that with Miriam Defensor-Santiago. Obviously she knew who she was up against with that one?

Nancy wearing a Randy Ortiz. Who gives a shit?!
Nancy wearing a Randy Ortiz at the 2013 SONA. Who gives a shit?!

There you have it folks! Once again, you stupid people have put into office a 100%, completely unqualified loser who has never succeeded at anything! But hey! She sure does know how to dazzle at the annual Academy Awards.

Woops!! My bad! The annual SONA (State Of The Nation Address).

Albert Anastasia

I'm just another ExPat enjoying life here in Asia. I am also having the time of my life exposing the ugly truth about the present Governmental administration of the Philippines. Especially that of current President "BS" Aquino. And the rest of his Liberal Party assholes.

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