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I have decided to try a little something new for the upcoming 2016 Presidential Elections here, in the Philippines. But to make things a little more interesting. I am going to let you make your choice based on the candidates platforms and goals for the future of the country.

I will not reveal their true names until after the survey is complete. This way, you will not be swayed by their name. Or their families names or history. You will not be able to choose based on how cute they are. Or because you like their eyes.

You shall have to choose, based on Politically educated logic. Not the typical Filipino stupidity that has so-entrenched the nations elite and wealthy, while those with a true heart for the people sit on the sidelines and watch.

Here are your candidates. After you have read through them, you can make your choice at the bottom this page.

Happy voting.

CANDIDATE #1: Hi. My name is Dave. I am here to tell you that I have been a Statesman for almost 20 years now. And have served you faithfully as a Senator for some time now. Below you will find some of my goals for leading you as your President.

  • To take the experience I have acquired over 20 years of leading my province into the 21st century, to a nationwide level. Through solid economic, agricultural and infrastructure reforms, we shall once again, strive towards becoming the model for the rest of Asia. This shall be achieved through Political reforms as well. By implementing watchdog groups we shall become more transparent. Not only to each of the governing bodies themselves. But to the people. This will make your leaders more accountable for our actions. We shall also strive to make our farmers lives easier and more productive, by offering more modern and advanced equipment through special government subsidized loans.

CANDIDATE #2: Hi. I’m Skippy. My family has been in the Political arena for about 10 years now. Although I personally have less than 5 years, my main targets as President, are as follows.

  • Priority shall be poverty alleviation, youth opportunities and electoral reform. I am also hoping to make some advances in our educational system, such as the return of better lunch programs for our children. I should make it known that I plan to address issues that the people have with the current tax mapping. As well as the escalating prices within the public services such as electricity and water.

CANDIDATE #3: Hey? This is Errol. I guess one could say i have followed the political scene here in the Philippines long enough to say, 10 years of watching our Nation collapse into oblivion, is 10 years too long. So here is what I propose we, as one big family, shall do for the future of this island hovel.

  • First, and foremost. No more games with the peoples money. The politicians shall now be required to submit to the President, quarterly expenditure results designed to show how and where their constituents taxes have gone. If they cannot produce transparency of some kind, they face penalties, as well as budget cuts the following year.
  • Next, the public services shall once again be placed under government scrutiny and regulations. They can remain as private entities, but if they do not meet the requirements required of them by the people and their watchdog agencies, they risk loss of operators license, and shall be subject to government takeover.
  • I shall propose passage of an “anti-Personality Cult” bill which shall require all political figures nationwide, to remove old/new banners, posters and other images of their likenesses from buildings, walls, lamp posts and trees. In each provincial capitol and municipal hall there shall be a designated area which shall carry posting stating the accomplishments of their respective officers and officials.
  • More government and civil control shall be placed upon the Bureau of Internal Revenue. This again, shall create a more transparent approach to the BIR’s activities. From a civil standpoint, if any tax payer, private citizen or business related, may file a legal case against the BIR if they feel a tax injustice has been performed against them.
  • A national healthcare system shall be put in place immediately, so as to create a more accessible and affordable healthcare network for the people. This will also include a system designed for our elderly and disabled.
  • A more rigid education system must be put into place. We must better prepare our youth for the future. Through more extensive language, math, science and history departments. Also, I plan to have the Dept of Education more closely monitor the schools around our country, to ensure proper grading is handled. As well as our students no longer being required to bring items from their place of residence, such as brooms, dustpans, etc, as threat-incentives to improve their grade level.
  • Above all. I must make it known that my platforms for an improved way-of-life for my fellow Filipinos will not be an easy path. but together, we can do this. Not just for us today. But for our children and our grandchildren.

CANDIDATE #4: Hello. This is Carol. I have faithfully served the nation for almost 20 years as both a Senator and Congressman. I have authored a number of different bills that have become law. And I hope to take advantage of my knowledge and lead you as your President. To do so properly, the following must be done.

  • We shall need to have a more structured economy. This shall be achieved by enlarging the manufacturing and industrial sectors. We shall also target the completion of infrastructure projects that had been ignored or halted by the previous administration. I shall put more pressure on the judicial system to expedite cases that have sat dormant for years, rather than justice being served in a timely manner. Additional sectors to be enhanced shall be education and a more accessible and affordable health care system.

CANDIDATE #5: Michael here. With nearly 20 years of political experience under my belt, I shall take the lessons I have learned and do my utmost to correct not only my personal mistakes, but I shall lead the Philippines down a more progressive path. Rather than make shallow promises of building a great economy all by myself. We, as a team, shall work together to bring the country back to the respectful status it enjoy more than 30 years ago. This will require radical reforms on many levels. Both at the executive level. as well as the municipal levels.


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As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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