BS Aquino And Corruption: Who’s Really To Blame

Actually… The idea of direct finger pointing at Aquino and his crew of minions is wrong. And should be approached from a more “selective” point of view. Ever since he won the Presidency in 2010, the nation as a whole, has collapsed at such a rapid rate, it would make former President Marcos’ head spin.

And why do I mention Apo Macoy? Because the two biggest differences between PFEM and Aquino are this.

  • Although Marcos has been accused of some of the grandest theft schemes imaginable. As well as those reputed human rights issues. Marcos did his best to keep the country growing. Through military buildup and modernization. To some of the most intense infrastructure projects anywhere in Asia. For the better part of his 20+ years as President, Marcos managed to turn the Philippines into a well-deserved and much respected nation. And to this day, there are still a vast majority of Filipino’s (and a growing number of youth establishments) who believe he may have been the best President the Philippines ever had.
  • Meanwhile, along comes BS Aquino with his “Tuwid Na Daan” claims. And nearly 5 years later, he and his crew have “systematically” raped, robbed, pillaged and plundered the Philippines unlike any leader the nation has ever known. Near zero infrastructure. Poverty and unemployment that are some of the highest in Asia (and possibly the world). And with his public denouncement of the Supreme Court, Government corruption now rivals that of Duvalier’s Haiti and Amin’s Uganda.

So why did I say “selective” finger pointing, and what’s my point?

Culture of CorruptionBecause it was YOU, the people who put him there. It was YOU, the people who gave him the job on a wave of sympathy tears because his Mom dropped dead. It was YOU, the people who elected him purely on his last name. It was YOU, the people who took the bribes to give him the win. And it is YOU people, like a pack of Lemmings, who will follow the Aquino’s right off a cliff and into oblivion.

So before you continue to blame Pnoy and his minions. Look at the ass in the mirror. Because BS Aquino. His Liberal Party. And all the rest involved, are simply taking advantage of YOUR stupidity and that unhealthy “hero fetish” of yours.

So as to get a better perspective on why I wrote the above, I recommend you also read this story from the Manila Times.

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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