Pinoy Politics: The Ultimate Crying Game


“He’s so corrupt!” – “She is corrupt!” – “Stupid family dynasty’s!” And the whining and crying goes on and on.

For nearly 30 years now, the Filipino people have been harping on about the corrupt nature of the political arena within the Philippines. From the President, all the way down to the lowly Barangay officials, the Filipino people have been taken for a ride. A ride they thought was going to be so much better after President Marcos left. Instead, their lives haven’t been improved upon in the slightest. In fact, their lives have actually been made worse.

The sad truth is, a large part of that blame, falls upon the people themselves. Every 3 years, they run to the polls to cast their votes for who they believe is the best candidate for the job. The trouble is, how they vote for these shysters is entirely on the basis of their family names. How they look. Are they a favorite actor or other type of celebrity. And if they are not sure, they simply choose blindly.

And within 48 hours of the election results, the bitching and crying starts.

“That’s not who I voted for!” – “The elections were rigged!” – “Who is she? I don’t remember her name on the ballot!” – “Oh my God! Not another Aquino!” And for another 3 years, you’re all playing another crying game.


So how is it your fault? Well… As I have said in the past, for 30 years now, you people have been living and praising a Cult of Personality by worshiping the Aquino’s on a near-Godlike level. You have a very unhealthy “hero-fetish” with idiots such as Gringo Honasan. Antonio Trillanes. Juan Ponce Enrile. And Even Fidel Ramos. Hell’s bells! You were even stupid enough to vote Nancy Binay, an obscure unknown with absolutely no political experience, into a Senate seat.

The other major failure of the Filipino voting mentality, is the “Bloc voting” system that is forced upon the followers of Iglesia Ni Cristo. A homegrown Filipino Cult, whose leaders decide who their people should vote for. Another sad case of people being deprived of their personal ability to think for themselves.

Now! I am sure you would love to know how to “break” this horrific cycle, wouldn’t you? Well my friend. It’s a lot easier than you think. And only requires a few moments of your time. Here is all you need to do.

  • Study the political history of your candidate(s).
  • What are his/her goals, platforms or agenda.
  • DO NOT be afraid to choose someone, simply because you don’t recognize their name.
  • If there is a “Common person” on the ballot, consider choosing him/her.
  • DO NOT take any political bribes or vote buying.
  • DO NOT bloc vote the way INC demands of you.
  • Vote everyone associated with the Liberal Party OUT of office in 2016.
  • Come 2019, Vote OUT anyone you were not satisfied with at that point.
  • Learn to think for yourself, when it comes to voting.
  • If you are not happy with any candidates. DO NOT vote.

That’s it people. 10 easy steps to mastering the voting process.

On a side note: When a political shyster gives you P300 to buy your vote, you just sold your life away for .27 centavos a day. How? That’s what P300 breaks down to on a daily basis, over 3 years. It’s really sad how cheap you people value your lives. Even P500, is only .46 centavos a day.

So rather than continually whining, crying and bitching about these assholes in office. Stop listening to their “self-motivated” bullshit, and get rid of them!! Stop giving these idiots a second chance. They never gave YOU a chance, the first time around. And STOP being so lazy and taking the quick way out. Do some homework on these idiots before you vote.

Maybe by 2016 YOU can finally make a change for the better, and throw out the garbage that has been infecting your country for too long now.

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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