Patriot vs Loyalist = Noytard vs Realist

The past few days have seen this writer holding his own on Facebook, against a barrage of insults coming from every corner of the groups and/or pages I had either posted to. Or simply commented on. Through careful homework — something many of my counterparts always fail to do — I have found many of my combatants are relatively close to each other. Maybe not sitting in the same room filled with other Trolls being paid to post a lot of propaganda and other shit. But they all seem to hail from the same region as their current President, BS Aquino.

Aquino SpeakingThis finding alone seems to lend a little more support to why they so-strongly defend their leader, and his ridiculous platforms. From endless links to websites promoting his accomplishments — so few they are — as well as the seemingly endless array of anti-Marcos bullshit. And I say bullshit, not in the sense that it is all lies. But in the fact that they keep doing their best to jam down the throats of everyone not on their side, how bad he was. Or at least, they claim he was.

bong bong marcosWhich leads us to the Loyalists. Those who firmly stand by their former president. As well as his son, who is a current sitting Senator. It is this group of people the Aquino followers do their best to refer to as stupid. Dreamers. Idiots. Communists. Etc.

Why is that? Isn’t it their right to do so? Any more than it is the right of the Aquino supports to believe in their guy? Last time I checked, in a democracy, one can do just that. Sadly, the divisiveness within the country has produced a Civil War within the online social community. Websites, Blog sites, Facebook pages and groups. Pinoy Netizens the world over are at each others throats.

Or so it seems…

Once again… I rooted around the many pages within the Facebook community. And I discovered something very interesting. While nearly every Aquino supporter is acting like some tough-talking, foul mouthed gutter-rat. The majority of the Marcos loyalists seem to remain relatively calm, in spite of all the shit being hurled at them. Oh sure, there are a few who may get hot under the collar now and then — such as myself — but overall, they manage to keep their cool.

Most impressive of all, is the way Senator Marcos himself has remained amazingly calm, cool and collect. In a recent interview he once again had stated that the family feud between the Marcos and Aquino clans must come to an end, if the country has any plans of moving forward in a more united and productive manner.

Again… Here came the Noytards claiming Marcos’ words to be nothing more than some hidden agenda with personal motive. So what if it is? Isn’t the motive of any good politician to take his or her nation in a direction that leads to a more prosperous future for everyone. Now and in the future?

Back we go to the Aquino crew. Aside from implementing his “No wang-wang” law — which President Marcos originally put into law in with PD-96 in 1973 — BS Aquino has done absolutely nothing of weighted merit since he took the chair in 2010. Although, during most of his speaking engagements, domestic and abroad, he has done a wonderful job of blaming his predecessors for all the problems that continue to hound his administration.

Unemployment, poverty and crime are at unprecedented levels. The Supreme Court has declared a number of his financial juggling as unconstitutional. And a number of opposition groups have been calling for him to step down.

Meanwhile, Senator Marcos has recently unveiled the nations — and Asia’s — 3rd Eco-Windmill farm in the Ilocos Region. Capable of generating a maximum of 87 MW’s. This Marcos endorsed project has proven to have the ability to alleviate the nations already rampant power problems. With this in mind, let us backtrack a few decades and remind our readers that President Marcos himself, had brought many similar projects to life during his administration. Dozens of diesel, coal and hydro power plants were popping up all over the archipelago. And these were just a small part of the endless list of schools, roads, hospitals, bridges, etc.

So why then, do the Aquino promoters only remind the people — many who are too young to remember — of President Marcos’ failings? Sure, he allowed Martial Law to spiral out of control. But this was mostly due to his minions. Who just happen to be Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel Ramos. Both of whom have remained in politics to this very day.

We can also argue the $28 billion in loans President Marcos acquired over the 20 year course of his administration. But what nation doesn’t build themselves up through loans? Yeah, yeah. Maybe he pocketed a big chunk. But what person of power hasn’t? And to date, every organization still tags his suspected stolen wealth as “alleged” and nothing more.

Then there are all those human rights victims. A number that seems to grow with each passing year. As of this writing, it has ballooned to over 70,000 now. And in spite of a 1998 US court ruling granting $2 billion, not a one has surfaced to claim a dime. In fact, recent evidence has shown that a large portion of those so-called victims, may have come from the vast array of squatters that have festered in and around Manila for decades.

So why were they in jail?

Because President Marcos, with PD-772, made squatting a crime. Thus, when Saint Cory canceled the case filings and emptied the jails of these goofs, there were all the victims she needed for the cameras.

This argument has gone on for nearly 30 years now. And 5 presidents later, the Philippines is still under the control of a political oligarchy that will do whatever it takes to keep their thieving way of life safe. Even at the expense of 100 million people.

So while the Aquino, Liberal Party goofs rant, rave and scream their bullshit to the heavens. The Marcos loyalists have proven to this writer, that they truly are a more mature bunch. Mature not just in age. But in the way they have approached not just the past. But the future of a nation. A Filipino nation.


Patriot vs Loyalist = Noytard vs Realist

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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3 thoughts on “Patriot vs Loyalist = Noytard vs Realist

  1. The only acheivement of BBM is the windmills? It was even constructed by Lopez and Ayala not Marcos. What a credit grabber.

  2. There are so many factual errors in this article. So much so that it sounds satiric which I think is the forte of the writer Jacques Phillip.

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