The Commander in Chief. Measuring Up To The Challenge

Recently, I posted an interesting question to the folks wandering the political pages of Facebook. A little controversial. But it prompted me to cover it in more detail. Especially since a great number of folks had proven they either couldn’t properly decipher the question. Or, for some unknown reason, wanted to drag us off into left field.

The question:

“Although BOTH have a pretty poor record politically (and historically). Only ONE can say he had the combat experience to have EARNED the title of Commander in Chief?”

The subjects of the question:

Hitler Noynoy Collage

From the start. Most recognized the fact that Adolf Hitler was a combat veteran of the 1st World War. And acknowledged the fact that it earned him the title accordingly.

On the other hand. President BS Aquino has absolutely no experience whatsoever. I’m not even sure he was even a boyscout.

The real fun started when someone commented that Hitler was never a war hero of any kind. So let’s clear that one up right now.

  • Served in the Military from 1914 – 1920
  • Awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class. Upgraded to 1st Class, upon recommendation of his superiors.
  • Award the Black Wound Badge.
  • Wounded by shrapnel from a nearby shell explosion.
  • Nearly blinded by Mustard Gas.

I would say the above qualifies him as a decorated combat veteran. Let’s look at President Aquino’s military track record by comparison, shall we.

  • ZERO

Nothing remotely worth talking about over a cup of coffee now. Is there? But, of course. That didn’t stop the crowd from gathering. From self-styled historians giving their narrow-minded perspective of Hitler. To others arguing American Presidents by comparison. They all missed the point of the posting. And it was in the form of one simple word.


This was the biggest issue of my posting. Too many missed the level of meaning that word carried in this case. By all rights, Adolf Hitler had earned the right to carry the title Commander in Chief. BS Aquino had not. Again, people argued what I had said. Things like Hitler was a terrible leader. A mass murder. Etc. While this might be true. Most of his negatives were achieved after he entered office. Thus, he earned the title. But had eventually proven himself unworthy of the position.

BS Aquino has not only achieved the complete opposite. He has achieved nothing of worth during his entire tenure so far. Here are a few examples of why.

  • Failed at handling the 2010 Manila hostage crisis that led to the deaths of 8 Chinese tourists. As well as never offering the Chinese government a formal apology for the incident.
  • Failed at properly handling the 2013 siege of Zamboanga.
  • Failed (to this day) at providing any level of assistance to the city of Tacloban as well as Samar, Leyte, Bohol and the other surrounding area after typhoon Haiyan.
  • Orchestrated the failed raid in Mindanao, that led to the deaths of 44 Philippine National Police Commandos. Including his ordering the military to “stand down” when the Commandos had requested backup support from the nearby Army base.

I could add the endless array of economic disasters, financial crimes and secret deals to the list. But that’s not what this is about. This is about how to truly earn the right to carry the title of Commander in Chief.

And for those of you who still don’t get it. Try looking at it this way.

**You go to college and earn a 4 year, Computer Science Degree. But afterwards, haven’t the slightest clue on how to replace a CD-Rom drive. You know what just happened? You earned the degree. But became unworthy of the title.

Not too hard to figure out now. Was it?


** Based on a first-hand experience I had with a Filipino friend of mine in Southern California, who “claimed” to have earned a Computer Science Degree in 2002. But had no clue of what he was doing.


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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One thought on “The Commander in Chief. Measuring Up To The Challenge

  1. Noy Aquino is the classic case of a failed succession of power. In theory, successors are supposed to do more than their parents. Why? Because of the advancement of technology and the expanding collection of information in the world (e.g. US Library of Congress, growing at 13,000 items daily on top of the 158 million items already in its collection).

    Unfortunately for him and most Filipinos, there are no success stories for Aquino… Success, they say, is not success without succession…… Noy never accomplished anything, and we’ve known that since 2010…… Ignorance of the masses led them to believe he could do better….. When pressure time comes, Noy’s lack of experience and knowledge got the best of him. The rest is history.

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