Is Another Martial Law Era Looming

I recently was privy to some “insider” information. A close friend of mine, who has strong military ties. Has confirmed some of my suspicions regarding BS Aquino and his constant applying pressure against the House and Senate to pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law before June 11th.

In a conversation earlier today, he mentioned the following:

“In am currently involved in updating operational contingency plans with the AFP Reserve Command in the event of war with China and war in Mindanao.”

“The reason PNoy wants to ram in the BBL is because he knows it will not work. The resulting chaos will then justify declaring Martial Law and therefore he gets to stay in power.”

I told him I completely agreed with him. And that it was something I firmly believed for over a year now, was something on BS Aquino’s table plans. Yet, I never spoke of it openly, or within the social media circles, simply because I knew most out there would either say I am nuts. Or haven’t a clue what I was talking about.

So from a theorist perspective. Let’s take a look at the pattern of things, over the course of the last 6 months. To be more specific. January 25th of this year. When 44 PNP-SAF officers lost their lives in an ensuing gun battle. That turned into a brutal massacre. We shall explore the key elements of everything involved. Some the facts. Some speculation. But no fiction.

  1. That fateful day led to the deaths of 44 members of SAF, 18 from MILF, 5 from the BIFF, and several civilians, along with the death of Zulkifli Abdhir. A terrorist on the FBI’s most wanted list. The MILF argued they were defending themselves. And almost immediately, reports were surfacing that President Aquino had issued a “stand down” order directed toward the local Army detachment that had been called upon to give backup support to the SAF.
  2. Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. puts an indefinite halt to the BBL peace talks, until this incident is properly cleared up. Later, it is discovered that Dept of Interior and Local Government secretary Mar Roxas. Who just so happens to be the head of the PNP. Was kept out of the loop on the entire operation. And President Aquino chose not to be present at Villamor Airbase when the bodies of the fallen Commandos were being returned home. Instead, he chose to go to the opening of a new Mitsubishi automotive plant in nearby Laguna.
  3. Within days of the massacre. Photo and video images began surfacing, showing the brutality with which the MILF and BIFF had acted towards the SAF Commandos. Of the 44. It was discovered that 27 had been killed execution style. This immediately denounced and disproved the MILF’s “self defense” claims.
  4. Within the coming weeks during the investigation. Both President Aquino and the MILF were making feeble attempts to make sure the peace process moves forward. Continuing to label the massacre a “misencounter” and it should not be allowed to stop the peace process.
  5. Assorted “scapegoats” are found to be guilty of the incident. Special Action Force head Director Getulio NapeƱas was relieved of his post. Even suspended police chief Alan Purisima personally knew of the operations. In all cases, BS Aquino was whitewashed of his responsibilities for what had happened.
  6. News media begins to show evidence that chief peace negotiators Miriam Coronel-Ferrer and Teresita Deles have become more supportive of the MILF and their needs. Rather than their originally intended positions of protecting the interests of the Philippine nation as a whole.
  7. By mid-April, it is revealed that chief MILF negotiator Mohagher Iqbal is using a false name, with which he has used to sign formal documents regarding the peace process. While this has the people in an uproar in the social media circles. As well as members of the House and Senate voicing their displeasure towards this revelation. President Aquino, continues to shield Iqbal. And demands even more, that the peace process must continue.
  8. Fast forward to May 20th. In a vote of 50 to 17. The House Ad-Hoc committee approves what some now call the “Malacangan version” of the BBL. Again, Social media proves how angry the people are at this. The following day, the Palace mysteriously attempts to quell rumors that they bribed officials to ensure passage at this stage in their game.

martial-law-usa1With all of this and more. The process still moves forward. Why?

  • The MILF is and always has been, an internationally acknowledged terrorist group.
  • Their key negotiator is lying about his background. As well as using a false identity.
  • Other militant groups, such as the MNLF. NPA. And the Abu Sayaf have been very vocal regarding their being “left out” of the entire process. Arguing preferential treatment towards the MILF.
  • Malaysia has been mysteriously involved in the ongoing peace process.
  • Rumors abound of $730 million being paid, by Malaysia, to the Aquino administration for passage of the BBL.
  • The BBL itself is unconstitutional on multiple levels. With the MILF demanding the Philippine constitution should be amended. Rather than the BBL being modified to adjust to the Philippine constitution.
  • The MILF has threatened war, if the BBL is not passed.

Which leads us to the Palace nitwit himself. Many have questioned his hidden agenda or motive to see this thing passed so quickly. What is so important about June 11th? Is there a nice big financial bonus waiting for him if passed by said date? Does he believe this will give him some serious brownie points for his final SONA in July?

Or is he fully aware of the obvious?

If the Bangsamoro Basic Law is passed. It will become a war of Muslim (MILF) vs Muslim (The other militant groups) in Mindanao.

If it fails. Then it will become Muslim vs Christian. The Christians being anyone they believe to be their enemy. Those who shot down their precious dream of an Islamic state inside the Philippines.

Thus, come his final State of the Nation Address. President BS Aquino will be able to stand up there, on live television, to announce the collapse of peace in Mindanao due to the other radical groups. And in an effort to protect the Filipino people on a nationwide level. He will declare a state of Martial Law.

The clock is ticking…


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