diploma-certificate1The Filipino desperately declares to the rest of the world that he is the best among the lot, yet the current political, economic, and social states of his country, the mannerisms of his people, and the quality of his thinking prove otherwise.

What does the Filipino want?

The Filipino claims that being a colony for more than 400 years has been like shackles which keep him tied down. Yet now that he is no longer a colony or protectorate, he runs back to his former masters to give his own life definition.

What does the Filipino want?

The Filipino desperately wants the rest of the world to validate that his people and his country are respectable and important, yet when given a chance to step up, he squanders it.

What does the Filipino want?

The Filipino wants certain societal behaviors to be corrected, yet when rules and guidelines are set for him, he cries foul. He cries that his beloved “freedom” is being taken away.

What does the Filipino want?

The Filipino claims he is always a victim of circumstances, yet when he is given a chance to uplift himself to a better condition, he cries victim even harder and refuses to learn his lesson.

What does the Filipino want?

The Filipino wants others to understand him because he is “special”, he is “unique”, and he is Filipino. Yet when asked to understand others, he ignores it and resorts to being judgmental and holier-than-thou.

What does the Filipino want?

The Filipino cries out for change, yet when given suggestions on what needs to be changed, he cries persecution, racism, and lets his balat-sibuyas tendencies take over.

What does the Filipino want?

Paper RoxasThe Filipino does not like corruption displayed by his public officials, yet he will not hesitate to bend the rules for his own benefit and convenience.

What does the Filipino want?

The Filipino keeps hoping for a better future, yet when asked to plan for it, you will at best get a blank stare and head scratching.

What does the Filipino want?

Finally, the Filipino does not want a politician who has studied extensively; he is afraid that he/she would use his/her intellect to steal from the country’s coffers. Yet currently he is stuck with a whole bunch of mediocre politicians he himself voted into government, and now he finds himself complaining that they are all corrupt and/or incompetent just the same.

What does the Filipino want?

What the Filipino wants, quite simply, is this:

The Filipino wants to have his cake, and eat it too.

The Filipino wants all of the glory, none of the work.

The Filipino wants his life to get better without lifting a finger.

The Filipino wants to be spoon-fed and taken by the hand.

The Filipino wants to be babied and cajoled by the rest of the world.

The Filipino wants the fruit of hard work to fall from the tree into his gaping mouth.

The Filipino wants respect to be handed to him on a silver platter without the need to reciprocate it.

What does he plan to do about it, you might ask? That’s the problem; he has lived with his laziness so long that he has forgotten what it feels like to get up. He has lived in inhospitable conditions for so long that anything considered merely acceptable in other more developed places is a wonder to him. He has been told, more than once, that it takes discipline, hard work, and sustainable thinking to utilize his environment, his skills, and his resources properly.

The world is changing; Filipinos need to adapt to the ever-changing climate, environment, and times. The time has come for the three-headed dragon of pwede-na-yan, bahala-na, and impunity to lose its heads once and for all.

The Filipino needs to be deconstructed so he can be rebuilt anew, towards a more progressive path.

The Filipino needs to realize that once he changes his attitude, everything else becomes a lot easier.

The Filipino needs to get his act together.

The time to start is now.

* Originally written by: Fallen Angel with GRP.

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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  1. Being a Filipino this article just exactly described an undeniable personality and attitude! If we accept our mistakes and adopt what we are being corrected together we stand.

  2. The Filipino wants respect. And certainly articles like these are deplorable. Actually the Philippines is doing quite well. According to Standard and Poor, our credit rating has been raised to investment grade. Recently we lent 1 billion dollars to Spain, our former colonizers, talk about a reversal of fortunes, and we are a newly industrializing economy with economic growth second only to China. Just saying…chill out dude, life is not too bad in the Philippines, believe you me I have many friends who are doing quite well in the Philippines their businesses, professional lives or what not.

    1. Personally… I could care less what S&P has for a credit rating. And more than I could care less about the absolute lies the current administration is feeding the people. Numbers ARE numbers. Nothing more. And reality is… Well, it is EXACTLY what has been plaguing the Philippines for decades now. And, I too have a lot of friends whose businesses are doing quite well. But unlike a lot of people here. I am also fully aware of the fact that nowhere near enough people have successful businesses, the way you and/or your friends might be doing.

  3. so ur articles are BS, not based on any credible evidence. No rigour at all, and purely based on feelings (?)…ha ha very Emo…good luck in convincing people if u dont wanna look at both sides of the arguement before formulating conclusions…Philosophy 101, epic fail…

    1. I guess you either skimmed the story too fast. Or never read it fully. No matter. You obviously have issues deciphering properly. You would have also discovered it was written by an author outside of TSF.

  4. In reality, these flips need to be removed from the world forever. They are nothing but back-stabbing, disease-ridden parasites.

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