Ninoy Aquino – Truly A False Hero

Ninoy And Joma
Ninoy and Communist leader, Joma Sison, in the early 1950’s.

How can someone who truly did nothing to actually rally his people be tagged a hero? What follows is a story of illusion. A myth, born of a nobody. And the fables written into the pages of the so-called “victors” history books, of a man who, prior to the Martial Law years, was seen as nothing more than a representative of the Familial elite, who still dominate Philippine politics to this very day.

This goof should have never been made a HERO. He did absolutely nothing of historic worth for the country, except talk his ass off. And catch a bullet. That’s right folks. He got capped, because he didn’t know when to shut up!

From the moment he got back from Korea in 1952. And through most of his political career. He made no efforts towards actually molding something for the betterment of the nation. Here is a short list of what he could have done. But didn’t:

  • He never created any type charity works. Or special projects.
  • He never gave a scholarship to any school children.
  • He never had any popular projects to support the underprivileged.
  • He never made a single contribution to either the local or national infrastructure.
  • He never did anything to boost the the economy.
  • He never gave any impression he had vision for the future.
  • He simply capitalized on the stubborn nature of then-president Marcos. Yet, never once, did he speak publicly in front of throngs of people. Only on the floor of the Senate.

Think about it. This goof Ninoy, has never even been considered for any kind of “top 10” list. What has he really done for the Filipino people? Unlike Magsaysay, Bonifacio, nor the modern-day Joan of Arc’ Loida-Lewis. A woman whose charity within the Bicol region, has amounted to millions of pesos. Ninoy? None of these. What’s worse, he was a Communist sympathiser. For example: He was never in Plaza Miranda when the bombing occurred. Apparently, he was either warned by his communist associates to avoid the event. Or, as some evidence suggests. He may have planned the entire incident himself.

He also used Communist support to finance his campaign against Marcos. Thus, he proved to be a political hypocrite. He never once offered any economic platforms, nor anything that could have pointed the Philippine nation in a direction along the lines of the other Asian economic tigers of the time. Instead, he used his senatorial position to attack and castigate president Marcos for the formers hard line stance against the growing communist threat in the late 1960’s. Rather than proposing stronger democratic institutions at a time when many communists groups were being established. And China was actively supporting a number of leftist organizations within the country.

Small NAIA Bust
A Bust of Ninoy, located inside Terminal 3.

How can a nation continue to sell this goof as a hero. When he has done absolutely nothing to help his countrymen. And not just within his native province of Tarlac. But also from Luzon to Mindanao and Visayas? Verbal foibles that never fed an empty stomach. Nor filled an empty table.

Ninoy was just another Oligarch. But would never openly profess it.

His father was a Japanese collaborator during the 2nd World War. A Makapili as some might say.

He was married to a Cojuangco. Another greed driven clan. Again. How can he be tagged a hero?

  • Rizal, an Ilustrado, wrote many revolutionary letters and books before he was executed.
  • Bonifacio bravely led the Pugad Lawin before he was betrayed by his Katipunan colleague, Aguinaldo.
  • Magsaysay came from humble roots and was loved by the people.
  • Even Manny Pacquiao had to take thousands of hits, before becoming a Champion.

And Ninoy? He was only good at giving speeches regarding how things should be in this country. And that’s all he ever did. Talk, talk, and more talk.

Then he got shot.

Was proclaimed a HERO martyr.

They have made all kinds of bronze statues, monuments, and busts after him.

What is with this nation, and people who talk a lot? Is that what it takes to become a hero? If so, then why not make Lacierda a Hero? Or how about Boy Abunda? Kris Aquino? Inday Badiday? Or even Secretary De Lima?

They’re talkative aren’t they? But then again, they’d have be shot first. Wouldn’t they?

Ninoy Aquino, a plain idealist that contributed nothing to the nation. All talk. Never an ounce of action.


* Compiled from assorted Internet sources. And a sample posting from Jessie Parayno.


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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46 thoughts on “Ninoy Aquino – Truly A False Hero

  1. Paano niya magagawa ang mga yun ikinulong siya.Ang maibalik ang demokrasya sa ating Bansa ay di mapapantayang kabayanihang nagawa niya, kaya’t siya ay tunay na hero ng ating bansa.Ang maraming nagawa ngunit pera naman ng sambayanan ang ginamit at kumita pa siya doon at ang income ng mga nagawang proyekto ay hindi naman napupunta sa kabang yaman kundi sa sariling bulsa, yun ang hindi maaaring maging hero

    1. Sing your song however you like there Tony. The man did absolutely NOTHING for his nation beyond his talking and other pointless rhetoric. As for “restoring” any kind of democracy? That was born of Doy Laurel and the others. While your pointless mouthpiece sat in prison. and then ran off to the US.

      1. His death paved way to more of the Filipinos rallying against the Marcos regime…coz they didn’t want it anymore.
        So I guess you could say, his death did A REALLY BIG THING for his nation.
        Also, talking and pointless rhetorics are not nothing. You just don’t want to accept this fact that the media can be a powerful tool against injustice.

        1. Believe as you like. But one things for sure. Since MY countries Independence. At WE have continually advanced ourselves. And on nearly every level. Why the Philippines continues its ever worsening spiral into the abyss. So go ahead and drone on all you like about Ninoy. His pathetic family. Because all they ever offered you was darkness. While you sad sacks gave THEM the light. The light of wealth you people will never imagine.

    2. demokrasya. ganito ba ang demokrasya? patayan dito, nakawan doon, kurapsyon lantaran, siraan dito siraan duon? kasi gusto nyo walang batas na pipigil ng mga gagawin nyo. bakit nung panahon ba ni marcos kulong ba tayo para sabhin nyong di tau malaya o wlang demikkrasya? e kung murahin nga cya ng mga demonstrador lantaran. naka valdal sa pader putang ina mo marcos!!! masyado agresibo mga ngrarally binabato mga pulis naninira ng mga gamit sa kalye. pero pinabayaan lng ng mga pulis. nung nagmartial law ano nagyari sa knila. dpat lang dhil kung nagtino lang sila d sila makukulong mabugbog o mapatay.

      mapatay. ibibintang nnman kay marcos. oo panahon ng martial law may mga namatay lalo na mga lumaban sa govt. may mga napagbintangan.pero dba bago ang presidente, may tanod, may pulis(tenyente, kapitan, major hanggang heneral), may sundalo at phil constabulary. kung may namatay ba sbhin mo sa caloocan nung martial lae ibintang mo kaagad sa presidente. gnun ba yun?dmo ba naisip kung masyado lumaban ang hinuli mapapatay yun ng humuli. bkit kung may hunuli ba sabhin pa ng humuli e mr president may nahuli kami patayin na b namin to. hnd dba? isa lng yan kung sumusunod ka sa batas hnd ka mapapaano. simpleng logic lang yan.

  2. I strongly agree with the author.. We should know by now.. and see what their so called “Democracy” led us… Way back during Marcos ERA.. Philippines is classified as one of the 1st world country and was also known as one of the richest country in the world!

  3. Merriam dicitionary: A hero is…

    : a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities

    : a person who is greatly admired

    : the chief male character in a story, play, movie, etc.

    technically he is a hero. Nothing wrong with being born an oligarch. Heroes who were oligarchs:

    Sir Winston Churchill — House of Spencer
    George Washington — House of Spencer
    Jose Rizal — ilustrado
    Lapu-Lapu — datu

    hero — a person with high social capital …read Pierre Bordiues forms of capital.

    A hero essentially is a subjective term. If the majority deem a person a hero, so be it, if they inspire the proletariate they are a hero. Good day.

    1. Nice one. Do ANY of your comments ACTUALLY reflect your thought processes. Or are you another one of those cut & paste characters?

  4. u gotta back up ur arguments with evidence…if u care to scroll down my thought process reflected in the last 2 sentences mate.

    1. Sorry Ray to rain on your silly parade again. The man NEVER did ANYTHING of valuable merit for his country. Except having the good sense to get capped.

  5. Before Marcos sat as president Ph was second to Japan and an envy of Sokor. When Marcos was the pres Ph became the sick man of Asia. When ousted Marcos brought with him more than 3 billion dollars from Ph coffers based on reports

    1. Thank you for that wonderful history lesson. Pretty much ANY suckhead who bought into the “Sick man of Asia” shit. Has to be one of the same class of people, who believes the Aquino bunch are their saviors.

  6. Sige subukan niyong kainin ang demokrasya kung mabubusog ba kayo! Makakapagisip pa kaya ng demokrasya ang mga taong kinakapos at gutom. Mali kasi ang pagkakaintindi niyo ng demokrasya at yan ang klase ng demokrasya na ibinaon ng mga Aquino sa kokote niyo. Subukan niyong ibangga sa pader yang mga ulo niyo at baka matauhan pa kayo.

  7. The man is not here to defend himself but from what I know of him. He loved our country and died for what he thought was right. If that’s not enough to be a symbol of freedom I don’t know what is.

  8. loving our country is not selling it to the communist Kim Ian. as the story says he is accepting support from the communist so he is selling the country by helping the communist back para mapabagsak si marcos. And if you love your country you dont do treason. Binulgar nya sa Malaysia ang tangkang pagkuha ng Phil Govt sa Sabah kapalit ang pagsuporta ng malaysia sa pagkandidato nya. yan ba ang love for your country or love for his vested interest? basa basa muna bago magcomment KIM IAN.

    1. Sabah was part of the Philippine map during Marcos time i saw it in our classroom. When Cory Aquino became president, it was gone. What happen to our Sabah claim Kim Lan did she really exchange for support from Malaysia? Masyado ka kasing naniwala sa mga libro na pinabasa sa yo. Remember, “History is written by those who win the war”.

      1. It was during a secret meeting between Ninoy and Mahathir on 21st August 1983. Ninoy had a stop over in Singapore then proceeded to Johor Malaysia to meet Malaysian officials. He promised to Mahathir that the Philippine will drop its claim on Sabah in exchange for support to down Marcos. Ninoy is just like his father Benigno Aquino Sr. The old Aquino died, or maybe committed suicide, as he was facing treason charges which is punishable by death.

        Now to keep with the promise Ninoy made, the then President Cory Aquino dropped the Sabah claim in the 1987 constitution. We can find the difference here:

        1973 Constitution:
        ARTICLE I
        SECTION 1. The national territory comprises the Philippine archipelago, with all the islands and waters embraced therein, and all the other territories belonging to the Philippines by HISTORIC RIGHT or LEGAL TITLE, including the territorial sea, the air space, the subsoil, the sea-bed, the insular shelves, and the other submarine areas over which the Philippines has sovereignty or jurisdiction.

        1987 Constitution:
        ARTICLE I
        National Territory
        The national territory comprises the Philippine archipelago, with all the islands and waters embraced therein, and all other territories over which the Philippines has sovereignty or jurisdiction, consisting of its terrestrial, fluvial, and aerial domains, including its territorial sea, the seabed, the subsoil, the insular shelves, and other submarine areas. The waters around, between, and connecting the islands of the archipelago, regardless of their breadth and dimensions, form part of the internal waters of the Philippines.

  9. You cannot deny the fact that marcos obviously grabbed the political power over its people. After ninoy was assassinated, people instinctually obeyed their emotions to fight and seized that power back following the so-called people’s power and the rest was history. Let me ask, if you’re the victim or any of your loved-ones during marcos’s regime I doubt you will defend him. Like rizal who inspired the people by his book, ninoy inspired the people through his advocacy and death to broadcast their agony.

  10. the answer to this question about Ninoy aquino truly a false hero and was the maker and creator of the Third World Status Philippines, can be found int the Book of John Perkins – in titled” Economic hitmen of Marcos Destruction of the Philippines” the reason of it is still unresolved murder of 32 years until now.

    1. Unresolved?
      Victims Family: “Who sent you to kill Noy?”
      Murderer: “It is Dan”
      Family: “No! you’re lying, it is Mark right?”
      Murderer: “I’m sorry it is Dan”
      Family: “You’re lying, We want the truth.”
      Murderer: “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”.
      I don’t have the facts, Nobody has. But that’s what i heard.

  11. unbelievable unsolved mystery of a false hero that was used as a scapegoat to topple the twenty two years of first world status Philippines in the Helm of Masagana99 food production Progressive Philippines that converted a quarter of a million Pilipinos to landowners, the complete opposite of this Greedy Yellow Oligarchs of Hacienda luisita self interest manipulation of an unworthy pilipino that is not worth dying for. this is the biggest con of power talke over for three decades of dumbdowning lack of knowledge Pilipinos ..

    1. What about Marcos Cronies? Marcos Cronies are the opposites of Yellow/Aquino Oligarchs?

      Because these loyalists want state-controlled monopoly.

  12. the Democracy to Bringdown and Made the Philippines third world status Country and number one in Broaddaylight corruption of Bribed and Bacon Barrell of MadPnoy to Convict and save his Hacienda luisita you are not worthy to die for, which Senatong Tanda and his napolis list of money bathub auditors, whose robbing the pilipino purse taxes of the honest tax payers rubout legacy…

  13. DEMOCRACY my ASS….it was oNLY the lopez media made him a HERO…..and we know for a REASON……the lopez businesses was returned to them by cory…thats why in their media company ABS trashy CBN to return the faor made him hero and made daughter kirSTD as the princess of the NETWORK…duh

  14. Agree he is a false hero… and he will never be! For you to enlighten, research and read what Ninoy done to this nation and same what Marcos did in this country.

  15. Truly, he did nothing but complain against the way Marcos runs the government. He was envious of the achievements of Marcos’ regime, as he himself also had his own political ambitions. He was just a sacrificial pawn. The true hero is the Filipino people, who stood up against a dictator.

  16. You sure do have a lot to whimper. You use social media to disseminate to the entire nation how lowly you proclaim our present asministration is and people like you exaggerate actions but never really analyze the situation. With all due respect, what is it that you have done in your country aside from whining so much?

    1. With all due respect. At least in MY country – as well as numerous others – we had OUR shit together, from the very start. The reason so many of us ExPats whine – as you so ignorantly put it – is because we are amazed that a culture such as yours, has actually made it this far, on your neocolonial, backwards mentality. The vary fact that you precious Pnoy, during every speech, has to find blame in everyone else, to justify the continual fault of his own administration.

      1. You keep complaining. What have you done then that has eased the life of a million people? I’m not a pro nor an anti. I find Pnoy human as well as anyone else here in the house. I just find complaining an excuse for being not able to do nothing else

        1. @justifiedopinionsplease. Is he (Pnoy). He didn’t even bother to revisit the Hacienda Luisita issue! Where are the poor farmers? How about those massacred who were fighting for a piece of land? People were deceived with laws that will not work for the poor farmers!

  17. The Aquino’s are power hungry people. During the Marcos era, the Philippines and other countries are in the brink of communist take over. Countries like Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Congo-Brazzaville, Ethiopia, Korea, Laos, Mozambique, Nicaragua and Vietnam have adopted or at war or taken over. Hundeds thousands of lives perished. Marcos need to be tough. The Philippines needs an ironhand during those times. As for Ninoy? He was with the communist!

  18. So Ferdinand Marcos was most decorated war hero with 27-33 medals?

    This website has pro-Marcos desires and propaganda.

    1. You’re an idiot. And I know this based upon TWO obvious facts.
      1. You obviously haven’t read EVERY single article here. Otherwise, you’d recognize your own ignorance.
      2. Your username is a clear reflection of your ignorance.

  19. Many reasons you are saying…

    I am not an idiot but you are saying is an argument.

    1. Why is this Maharlika Propaganda?
    2. Marcos medals not recognized by USA?
    3. You don’t understand why Marcos was the staunchest US supporter?
    4. You don’t get it.
    5. Fuck you. I am not an idiot like ourselves. This isn’t ignorance. Ignorance can kill.
    6. Look, North Korea’s state media and internet is pure propaganda. It’s nothing but government and state propaganda.

  20. For me Aquino was is just the most prominent and most dynamic complainer of his generation, in the years prior to martial law he was regarded by many as being a representative of the entrenched familial elite which to this day dominates Philippine politics.

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