The Philippines: A Social Media Perspective of A Lost Cause

The Less BullshitThe following is a list of comments and assorted statements regarding the current state of affairs within the Philippines. Whether social or political. Some of what follows is pretty much to the point. Foreign and domestic. These words reflect the “true voice” of the people who have to live and work here today. [*]

On The Filipino “Me First” Mentality

“It is the national pastime, people just push in front, this entitlement mentally of a society that has failed, no wonder human trafficking and human rights abuses are the norm here. No respect is because they have no self respect.

Not with me. I told off a rich lady who butted in as I was about to unload my groceries at the pay-out counter. Of course, there’s that – do you know me etc etc. Still I stood my ground and gave her a piece of my mind. She backed off.

On Kris Aquino

“I am scrolling past this one.”

On The Dept of Health’s Recent issuance of expired (Dec 2012) Medication to children

“My question is? What gives the Dept of Health, the right to administer medication to children in the first place?

If this happens in the US. I bet those doctors will be hounded to the courts and even stripped of their license.

Stupid and stupid as it is.

“Symptoms felt by de-wormed students was psychological.” – Health secretary Janette Garin.

On President Aquino’s Final State of The Nation Address

You’re right. It’s the state of life address actually, because of mentioning his house helper, instead of mentioning those national issues in this country.”

On The Political Trolls and their group activities

Is it just me. Or am I the only one that does his homework on this asshole poster and his constant bullshit?! The above quote IS NOT from the Abnoy. It is 2 Timothy 4:7

And stop posting your obvious bullshit, claiming it to be the “voice of the people.” When it isn’t!

On President Aquino, and his administrations endless failings

The goal has to be to stop blaming. Then bring the economic and political changes that will fix it first. What people need to understand is this vindictiveness is wasteful and distracting and is being used as a blind by the oligarchy to hide their criminality.

“True what you say, sir. Pnoy well-reflects that strong Filipino penchant of blame shifting, blame pointing. And then the blamer starts to believe s/he is faultless and then takes on “the victim” attitude and becomes vindictive. It is a self-defeating trait and attitude.”

I have to agree with you here. Sadly, the “blame game” has been taken to an elevated level, in that no one wants to take responsibility, or accept liability for anything. That is evident with the endless “certified true copy” crap. As well as the “notarize this and that” idiocy. And even after you have done ALL that mickey mouse. there is still no guarantee it’ll work for you.

He got all the privilege to blame and be vindictive, but we don’t have the means to make argument or question his self-boasting SONA achievements together with his Cheatbinet I meant Cabinet.

“Posts like this, show exactly how stupid the Filipino people have become. Droning on and on, after 30 years. Stop your childish whining and crying. Stand your lazy asses up on your own two feet. Get out there and find a job, instead of bleeding your fellow tax payers dry. And get your country back in order.”

On Mar Roxas seeking the Presidency

Mar Roxas With Hammer - SmallPlus the fact that he’s a camera loving. Epal spouting schmuck. Who can’t even muster the confidence to manage something as simple as a hammer. What the hell makes anyone think he can gather enough grey matter to manage an entire nation?

Who gives a leaping shit about their personal dreams and aspirations. What about those of the people they are suppose to be serving?

That’s good lady. Obviously YOU are one of those who doesn’t give a damn about the present. Nor the future of your children. No wonder this place has remained near stagnant since that pointless disaster, known as EDSA1.

On the need to continually blame former President Marcos for your problems

At the simplest level. Senator Marcos is saying, “Why dwell in the past?” We can’t do anything about it. To be progressive, there comes a point in ones life, where they MUST say, “enough is enough” and move on. Personally speaking folks? After nearly 3 decades (that’s 30 years) of watching your nation fall apart worse than it could have ever expected during Marcos’ time. Don’t you think it would be in everyone’s best interest to just unite, and get your country back to the 1st world status it enjoyed prior to 1980?

“Hang on a sec’ folks. There is a new leak in my kitchen sink. You think Marcos might be at fault for that shit too?”

On the recent “Shakedrill” Earthquake drill in Manila

Again, Pinoys penchant for overacting and gaya gaya mentality! My first question is how prepared is the government to react in such a calamity? If I were to gauge their reaction based on the Yolanda disaster, it’s gonna be a huge fuck up as usual!!”

Does the term… “Cluster Fuck” come to mind?

“This MMDA Earthquake Drill is becoming a nightmare. People are just taking selfies. The real disaster we need to prepare for is another Aquino like idiot becoming president in 2016. That will be worse than a 1 day long intensity 10 earthquake.”

On radio personality Anthony “Tunying” Taberna remaining silent on corruption allegations in Iglesia Ni Cristo

As members they are not allowed to say anything about the liderati and the organization. In fact, only pastors have any right to have any say about anything including interpreting the bible. That’s how cults keep their members in line.?

And as JOURNALISTS. They are bound by the journalism code of ethics. To report the truth! Period!

inc members know more about what’s happening inside their organization than anyone else (as they claim). this person must stand to what is the truth, report to the people like what he does to other corrupt officials. if he can’t do that then is he biased and does not have the right to be called a journalist.

Religion makes slaves of us all. It is only an excuse for put power on a supernatural being that may or may not exist and divide people from each other. Sorry that sounds atheistic, but yeah, that is what I feel from it.”

Kamille CryingOn the Philippine Media giants

“ABS/CBN, please promote shows that will ensure the next generation of Filipinos become true patriots who love their country, and not idiotic shows like this one that are as useless and worthless as the current government.”

On the governments handling of the foreign relief efforts for the typhoon Yolanda victims

“Donkey Soliman, the head of welfare dept bagged all your spam and imported goods and let tons of other goods spoil while your money donation benefited the crocs in the administration with their useless bunkhouses. thanks so much. they were spent wisely by these men.”

On neophyte Senator Grace Poe, and her dual-citizenship issues

Excuse me? Nobody gives a leapin’ shit about your clear conscience girl. The people want to know if you have the legal, and constitutional right to be elected to any kind of political post in the country. And for the record. Don’t lie! There is hasn’t been a political figure in all of world history, that had a clear conscience. So get off your “good catholic” soapbox. And start producing something tangent for the people.

“Why are they allowing someone with only 3 years political experience, to run for President?”

On those Facebook groups and their rules and/or guidelines

“Welcome to Freedom Society, ang tahanan ng malaya! No lock, no walls, and no vault can stop you from unleashing the freedom of your mind. Freedom Society is a community where you can drive your thoughts and ideas to real freedom. You have the right to tell others what they don’t want to hear but we encourage everyone to use freedom with responsibility.”

On a 2 Km road project in Negros Occidental

WOW! 2.02 Km’s of road. It’s almost as impressive (in a pointless sort of way) as the 3.8 Km MCE that opened last week. Thus, the Aquino administration has completed a whopping 5.1 Km’s of main road, in and around the Philippines. Keep going there Mr Aquino. Maybe in your last 10 months you can do another 89 Km’s to match Gloria’s SCTEX of 94 Km’s.”

Reconstruction of the road is not for the people! It is for the TRADITIONAL 40% KICKBACKS FROM GOVERNMENT PROJECTS! Kaya wag kayong magpakaTAANGA mga yellowtards! hahahahahahaha!

C’mon guy! Instead of your typical “cut & paste” idiocy. Why not explain to EVERYONE here. Why the Abnoy (in 5 years) has only produced 5 Km’s of primary road. And Gloria produced 94 Km’s of National Highway in just 3 years? Also… Where (and when) does the Tuwid Na Daan actually come into play?

There you have it folks. Just a small sampling of what’s happening in and around Facebook and the social media world. While this article doesn’t even come anywhere close to the tip of the troubled iceberg which is the Philippines. It begins to shed some serious light upon one important fact.

In spite of what they current administration of President BS Aquino might want you (or the rest of the world) to believe. the Philippines is anything but a tourism getaway paradise.

[*] Kudos to everyone who has had the courage to speak out against what has become, in the eyes of many, one of the worst administrations in the nations history. Never allow your voice to be silenced. And if anything tasty catches my eye. I will add it here. And remember….

“Be without fear in the face of your enemies.

Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death.

Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong.

That is your oath…”

Albert Anastasia

I'm just another ExPat enjoying life here in Asia. I am also having the time of my life exposing the ugly truth about the present Governmental administration of the Philippines. Especially that of current President "BS" Aquino. And the rest of his Liberal Party assholes.

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