Filipino Stupidity, Part Two

truth-about-philippinesOur first story regarding the silliness of Filipinos, Filipino Stupidity Never Ceases To Amaze The World, has proved to be an article of considerable controversy. And for two main reasons. Their inability to actually read what we posted. And their paper-thin egos. Thus, the following story we found, can be labeled a companion piece to our original story mentioned above.

Genevieve Molina, a Filipino-American graduate school student from Harvard University, has caused discomfort within the Filipino community in US and abroad, following the release of her dissertation in Harvard Magazine. Molina, who is completing her Masters in Psychology, published the paper “The Unintelligent Facebook Users” on October 15, 2014. The thesis  gained widespread praise from her professors for her accurate analysis of the topic; but received an overwhelming negative reaction from Filipinos who became aware of her paper. [*]

Her studies found that many Filipino Facebook users are not yet ready to get along with other countries in terms of on-line law, etiquette, level of intelligence, level of emotion, level of decency, and over-all public awareness. Her studies had also revealed that many Filipino Facebook users lack common sense when dealing with their social media accounts.

We have chosen the very obvious and important parts of her 182-page thesis. Most of the data below has been taken directly from the actual papers. While some has been acquired on-line.

Philippine Facebook User Data

  • Population – 100,600,000
  • Internet users – 37,020,800
  • Internet Penetration – 36.8%
  • Facebook Users – 36,980,250
  • Daily Active Users – 21,785,985 (number of people who log-in daily)
  • Female Users– 52%
  • Male Users– 48%
  • New Users – 5 every minute, 300 per hour, 7200 a day


Daily Status Update (without outside link) – 18,780,980

  • Users who are updating their status without posting any outside link to articles, videos, and images.

Daily Status Update (with outside links) – 596,365

  • Users who are updating their status and posting outside links to articles, photos, and videos.

Daily Photo Uploads – 1,894,235

  • Users who are uploading photos from their hard drive.

Daily Video Uploads (not a YouTube Link) – 97,856

  • Users who are uploading videos from their hard drive.


Daily Shares (without outside link) – 13,756,456

  • Users who are sharing posts, images, and videos without clickable outside links

Daily Shares (with outside links including YouTube links) – 3,452,563

  • Users who are sharing photos, videos, and articles from outside sources

Daily Clicks to External Links without liking – 547,653 (15.86%)

  • Users who are reading or viewing the articles, images, and videos without hitting the “like” button.


Daily Likes to shared internal image and status – 19,456,546

  • Users who click the “like” button on images and wall posts

Daily Likes to shared external links (combined) – 4,823,330

  • Total number of users who click the “like” button on internal and external posts.

Daily Likes of external links without opening the link – 3,865,350 (80.13%)

  • Users who click the “like” button without reading or opening the link (dumb users)

Daily Likes of external link who open and read the articles – 957,980 (19.87%)

  • Users who are actually reading the articles or opening the page before clicking the “like” button (most intelligent users)

Out of 4,823,330 likes to posts with external links, only 957,980 (19.87%) are actually reading before liking. This means that 80.13% are just hitting the “like” button without knowing what’s in the links and without reading the article.

There are several reasons why people are doing this. They might be clueless, ignorant, brainless, dumb, dull, unintelligent, or just don’t know what they are doing.

Another disturbing statistic reveals that most Filipino users are sharing horrific images like accidents, killings, child abuse, and other horrendous images that is normally not shared by people who understand its effects.

It seems Filipino users don’t know the meaning of human rights and etiquette. Out of 6,020,958 terrible images shared around the world on Facebook daily, 951,311 (15.8%) are shared by Filipino users from inside and outside the Philippines. 951,311 comprises 4.36% of the daily active Filipino users.

One of Molina’s tests involved posting an image of a malnourished Filipino boy with a caption, “Don’t Like Before You Read the Article”. The photo went viral and was shared 85,000+ times, liked 120,560 times, but the article where the photo had pointed to, was only opened 9,800 times. 91.87% liked the photo without ever reading what the article was all about.

The author wanted to share this story with public, not to humiliate the Filipino Facebook users. But to remind them and make them wake-up from their wrongdoings. For instance, a girl from Taguig City was jailed recently because of posting her neighbor’s photo. This is another example and further proof that Molina’s study is justified.

 [*] Originally written by: Rhodora Greene and Ruel Pagulayan, a Fil-Am from Reading, Michigan


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4 thoughts on “Filipino Stupidity, Part Two

    Thats the link of the harvard mag. There is no article about this. It seems its all made up by whom ? Whomever authored this article. I find it so fishy that phil pride dont have one single link to this, but instead they have listed bunch of references which to me is useless. Im not sure what phil pride is, meaning if they r a mag, newspaper etc, dont u think they should have check if this was true or not . So im curious where did they get all this info cuz it seems everything goes back to them . The link all goes back to them which makes me think phil pride just made this all up. .. Its just beyond me why would people create some bogus $#|] like this. Plain dumb stupid and unintelligent whomever did this.

    1. You might want to keep something in mind as well? BOTH articles were written, based on prior, personal experience. And not blind assumption. Which for the record. Is another famous fault of most Filipinos.

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