Observational Detection Edification Supporting Subjective Analysis


no-contact-ex-boyfriendI liken it to people here constantly apologizing. It really irritates. Don’t apologize. Do something constructive to show you are sorry in real terms. Same with complaining about what is wrong here. Stop complaining and start working on real solutions to help people, by uniting to do something that will solve the wrongs so they stop happening. Don’t criticize others ideas. Explore them, expand on them, can it work yes or no? Criticism serves no purpose if you do not offer a solution to resolve the point being criticized. All it does is discourage the person from offering more solutions and ideas. Just because the first offering is flawed, does not mean their next one will be. I once had a sign on my office wall when I was in a senior government role that said this. “I will never say no to you or your idea. You just have to demonstrate to me a sound reason why I should say, yes.”


We live in a world of technology. We have put men on the moon, driven motor vehicles on Mars, we have cured or eliminated so many diseases, but we cannot end poverty? Why not and whose responsibility is it to fix this gargantuan issue? More importantly how do we even begin to tackle this problem. Is it not important to us as a society? What is even more interesting about this seeming lack of urgency is the fact that the ever-widening business community actually has the tools available to fix this issue, but generally governments block using them because it will de-power government as we know it. Technology now abounds. How many people do you know around you who do not have a cell phone, or at least access to a personal computer, even if only at the local computer shop or Internet café or WiFi hotspot. If we were really serious about fixing the worlds ailments, it is at our fingertips, we just need to compel governments to relinquish the control and free up the thinking to let it happen


After living in the Philippines for several years and watching its ever rapid decline into chaos, I feel it is time to say something from a foreigner’s perspective about it. Firstly, I do not what to be seen as another arrogant pushy person from overseas criticizing. Far from it, my comments come from a far different place. I have a Filipina partner, I have family here, I have lived here long enough to know my place, but having said that, in good conscience I cannot stay silent when my background and experience in government in another country tell me that there is a better way. My thinking is this, when you see a wrong being committed and take no action, you become as guilty as the person committing the wrong. So on that basis I want to pen a few words about the Philippines, words that in places may seem critical, but they are not intended to be, they are simply to put on paper, what is happening here and what led to it into a sequence that can be followed and understood by all.

Here ends today’s Observationally Detected Edification.


I am having the time of my life here, in the Philippines, with my wife and our new baby boy, Jack Davis (JD).

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