Should Iglesia Ni Cristo Stand Alone?

Veteran journalist Rigoberto Tiglao posted in social media that the yellow regime tried to pressure the Iglesia Ni Cristo leadership to support Mar Roxas, otherwise charges of kidnapping and corruption against the leaders will be orchestrated by “insiders”. If this strategy will not supposedly work, at least the integrity of the INC will be weakened with a view towards diminishing the strength of their bloc-voting power.

inc-edsa-shawThis classic Liberal Party antic selfishly employed in their desperation to maintain their hold on political power and evade responsibility for their wrongdoing in the last five years.

Regardless of whether the INC deserves such counter political maneuvering, this kind of machination is repressive, insidious, offensive and downright objectionable.

Admittedly, the issue pervading the mass movement now going on is local to the INC. But in reality, the INC is only one of the many and growing victims of this self-righteous clique. The people, in their individual and collective capacities (OFW, mass transit riding public, Yolanda victims, SAF-44, the public at large via DAP/PDAF and Hocus-PCOS), have fallen victim to the rampaging merciless inequities of this administration and its economic and political allies.

In the final analysis, the Aquino administration and its allies are the clear-cut common nemesis of the people. Now that the INC has initiated this protest action, they deserve our understanding and support. Let us look beyond the local issue of the INC and bring forth to the streets our collective grievances against this administration for in the sphere of democracy, the people are the supreme power and authority.

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