Cory Aquino: What She Really Gave The Philippines

[*] – Back in the 1970’s, the Philippines was beginning to encounter problems with activists and communism. They were under Marcos and his ways were not popular anymore. And the people had decided to take action. Students went into the streets, or up the mountains. Civilians armed themselves and created a force of their own. Remember the Plaza Miranda Bombing? A lot of people died that day, including a 5 year-old child. And dozens  more were injured. This of course, was blamed on Marcos. But it would be found out that it was the communists who authored that incident. Some even believed that it was not solely Jose Maria Sison who was responsible. Some parties, including the late-great Senator Jovito Salonga, believed that Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino had been a major part of the planning.

The nation would eventually be placed under Martial Law and more people would suffer. Some parents would never see their children again. Politicians went to jail. Attorneys went to jail. Industry leaders went to jail. And if the policy makers didn’t like what you had to say? You to, went to jail.

It was hard.

Then a few years later, the face of the opposition against Marcos, the late Sen. Ninoy Aquino was fatally shot on the tarmac of what is now called the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

This would be the catalyst that would soon move the people, politicians, soldiers, policemen, clerics, and civilians alike to unite under a single cause, to oust a tyrant. In February of 1986, the EDSA Revolution or People’s Revolution was born. Hours later, Ferdinand Marcos and his family fled to Hawaii, and into exile for the next decade.

Before the EDSA Revolution though, a new name cropped up and became the face of the opposition. A person devoid of corruption, had yet to become a politician. Having never been elected to any type of political position. She was someone new. A clean slate. An opportunity for change.

She was Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. The widow of Ninoy.

Having lost to Marcos due to heavily manipulated polling, Cory Aquino would eventually be sworn in as President after the EDSA Revolution. She would lead the nation to a new dawn. Bring the Philippines to new highs.

Except she didn’t.

Rebel forces on the streets of Manila, during the 1989 Coup attempt.

The administration of Cory Aquino gave the Philippines more coup attempts than anyone would care to remember. Her economic policies brought in heavy inflation and caused the pesos value to plummet. The communist problem became so big that up until now, the nation is still wasting lives and resources to counter it. Her provision within the 1987 constitution of allowing party list groups into congress have made redundancy commonplace and have allowed communists who are against democracy to be allotted government funds as congressmen.

Cory Aquino, as new and as pure as she was, had failed.

You know why?

Because she had no experience, whatsoever. And since she had no experience, she became a puppet of her advisers. And 30 years later? Well, all one need do is look around the country. Here ends today’s little lesson.

[*] Compiled from a number of media sources.

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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