General Luna. And The Art of Governing Ones Self

I find it interesting, that after 118 years, the Philippines is still unable to govern itself. And in spite of all these claims to the contrary. It hasn’t happened. Why is that? Since 1898, you have had every opportunity in the book to do just that. America for example, and in spite of all your whining about them being the big bad wolf, or some other shit. Had, during the first half of the 20th century, practically built up your entire infrastructure. Roads. Bridges. Railroads. Dams. Agricultural assistance. The list is endless.

With that in mind. Let us take a quick trip down memory lane. And with a little help from history itself, let’s see if we can find where it all started. Shall we?

1st Nebraska on outpost detail, Dec. 25, 1898
1st Nebraska on outpost detail, Dec. 25, 1898

At the height of the Philippine-American War, President Aguinaldo was cutting deals with the Americans. While both their armies were fighting and dying in the field, those in power were cutting deals, so the elite of the fledgling country could protect their wealth, their land, and their possessions. Independence in the truest sense, was the last thing on Aguinaldo’s mind. And since then, what has happened. Most of the leaders of this nation have been cutting shady deals, left and right, just to protect their personal shit. Period!

During WWII politicians were doing back room deals with the Japanese, just to keep their shit. The Aquino’s. The Marcos bunch. The Lopez family. Quezon’s. Even the Cojuangcos. All of them and more were doing what it took to protect what they believed was theirs. Meanwhile, the population had to go along for the ride. And after the war, then President Roxas abused the $800 million in aid and reparations from both America and Japan.

Ninoy And Joma
Ninoy Aquino is seen here with Communist Party of The Philippines leader, Joma Sison.

In a few short years, Ninoy Aquino arrived on the scene and began fucking around with things. He returned from Korea in 1952. Completely disillusioned about the principals of democracy. And reborn as a Communist sympathizer. And he carried this idiocy until he caught a bullet in 1983.

Beginning in 1965, Marcos danced with 5 US presidents until he was ousted in 1986. During his 21 years in power, he allegedly robbed the nation of grips of money. Not to mention the foibles of Martial Law. And after a successful People Power movement. Along came the cherry on the cake of constantly failed attempts at being independent.

Cory Aquino. And with her arrival, came a pathetic legacy of lies regarding democracy and freedom. When, in reality, she was placed in the drivers seat to begin rebuilding the Oligarchy empire, which Marcos had intentionally suppressed during most of his reign.

President Fidel Ramos sold off tons of government property. Estrada was ousted on allegations of plunder. Gloria Arroyo was accused of election fraud, as well as misuse of funds. Not to mention the long list of junior political shysters from the House and Senate. Governors, Mayors, Barangay officials. And so-on.

And look what you have now? President BS Aquino. A halfwit political puppet living in the palace. While nearly every major player in the House and Senate, pulls his strings. And gets whatever the fuck they want.

So now! Can anyone show even an ounce of evidence, that this nation is even remotely ready to fly solo? I seriously doubt it. Because the last 30 years alone, have proven otherwise.

corruption-in-the-government-in-a-corrupt-systemSo when do you think you’ll get yourselves into gear folks? I mean, you can drone on all day about your minimal economic advances. World Bank credit upgrades. Alleged victories against corruption. Fancy Arena’s and world class Civic Centers until the cows come home. None of it is helping anyone at the street level. Oh sure, the big mucky-mucks and other elitist maroons within news media will claim things have improved. And of course they have. But for them alone. Especially since they own nearly every major corporation and/or public service in the country.

Don’t you think 118+ years is long enough to have learned something by now? Like maybe. Just maybe…. It was never about you, the people.

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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