Once Again Remembering Martial Law: Or is it, “Here we go round the Mulberry Bush.”

It’s been more than 4 decades since President Marcos’ declaration of Martial Law. The Philippines has become a perfect example of a nation that refuses to allow itself to move forward. Constantly talking, whining, debating, complaining, harping and droning on about the foibles of Martial Law, as if it happened 5 minutes ago. Day after day. Month after month. Year after year. Decade after decade. And now… Generation after generation. In many ways, it’s pretty pathetic really.

Ferdinand Marcos
For some people, Pinoy Pride used to be more genuine back then.

What’s even more hilarious, is how many of you, have found ways to create new “myths” surrounding that long, gone time. Just recently, I came across some goof trying to peddle some bullshit about the Apple Snail’s presence in the Philippines as being his fault. Have you idiots gotten so bored or desperate, that you have to find new shit to add to the already delusionally twisted history surrounding the Marcos era.

And the “cherry on the cake” of this idiocy. Is the sad fact that most of you have ignored all the problems hounding The Philippines since your precious failure, known as the 1986 EDSA1 movement. War. Famine. Crime. Poverty. Corruption. And all on an epic scale, that now make the Marcos era seem like a Sunday Church Social.

As I have mentioned in the past. A nation must find a way to come to grips with the realities of its past. Good or bad. And two solid examples I always point to, are Germany and Japan.

Both nations, in their own ways, have accepted the blame and faults that goes with starting a war. And the inevitable loss that comes with it. They have also embarrassingly accepted blame for whatever atrocities their leaders committed. And in doing so, they managed to quickly (when compared to the Philippines) get back on their feet. And start rebuilding their respective countries. And by the 1970’s, both had become “top 10” global economic powerhouses in their own rights. Positions they still enjoy to this day.

So what it wrong with you in the Philippines?

Your EDSA1 movement back in 1986 has, upon reflection, turned out to be more of a fiasco.[1] President Cory Aquino’s promises of restoring freedom and democracy have revealed themselves as simply hollow rhetoric designed to get support from the people. Yet when one looks back. We can now see that fateful time as nothing more than allowing the restoration of the Oligarchy.[2]

And now. 30+ years later. Look where your nation has gone? Practically nowhere. Oh sure, current President BS Aquino has bragged of economic gains. Credit rating improvements. Foreign investment. Etc. But who exactly, has actually benefited from all these claims? In short:

Unless you belong to the .04% wealthy elite of the country. You’re basically fucked.

Which brings us back to the question of, “Why constantly talk about the Martial Law years?” You can’t change what happened. You can’t bring back any of those who were allegedly arrested, jailed, or murdered unjustly. In fact. No amount of money will ever be made available to change or better what happened.

How then, you ask?

Move on with your lives. Germany and Japan did it. And the Philippines can too. But as long as you keep it alive and well. You will deny the wounds of the past the chance to heal properly.[3] Now this is not to say you should forget or ignore the past. You just need to stop living in it.

Ferdinand Marcos Sr. A modern case in point, of what can be classified as “The Socratic Question.”

The upcoming 2016 election season has seen Social Media step up the propaganda game 10 fold. And the Marcos era seems to dominate over half of what is floating around out there. Why? It serves no purpose regarding current events. Unless those involved are completely terrified of the notion that Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr might now be elected as Vice President? But again, beyond namesake, what do the activities of a father, have to do with the son? Nothing really. Especially 30+ years later.

Are you people still ignorant (or on many levels stupid) enough to believe that the son would repeat all the negatives of the father? Do you really believe if Senator Marcos was elected on a Monday. He would declare Martial Law Tuesday morning? Do you really believe he’s simply going to start robbing the nation blind as his father was alleged to have done? And the list of “fear borne bullshit” goes on and on. And have you forgotten one important factor? Being the VP, he can’t do any of what has you all scampering about, like a bunch of chickens with your heads cut off.

So instead of one group talking shit on the left. And the right talking equally stupid shit. Maybe it’s time you people sit down and iron out your differences and find ways to stand on common ground? Such as figuring out how to changed the seriously flawed system. Being united is what it’s all about people. And if you can achieve that much without being butthurt. Or having your paper thin egos bruised beyond repair.[4] Then, as a group, you’ll be able to take a few steps back. And see the big picture for what it truly has become.

A nation of 100+ million people. Serving the self-centered needs of roughly 40,000 individuals. Who’s that bunch you might ask? Oh, that’s the .04% I mentioned earlier. You know? The wealthy elite running things around here.

[1] Further reading: EDSA revolution was bad. Velvet revolution was good

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[4] Further Reading: The Filipinos biggest problem: Their paper thin ego

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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