An Open Letter Regarding The Past, Present and Future of The Philippines

TrevorI do not want to be always criticizing people here. So many people are actually trying to wake up from a long slumber like sleeping beauty.

Still sadly however, there are many yet to be woken up.

So we need to be nice first so let’s talk some reality. When any event occurs, it is not what the other person does that decides outcomes, it is how you re-act to it.

Now apply that thinking to what Cory Aquino did. There is correspondence I have read that suggests Marcos offered to hand over 90% of his wealth in return for the opportunity to die peacefully in the country of his birth.

Is that true, the documentation I have seen would all seem to be very genuine? And having held talks with a couple of Marcos recovery specialists, they also suggested there is more than a little truth in it. But anyway, we will leave that where it lies, you cannot change history.

But what it does suggest is that Cory had the opportunity to fix this issue in 1986 and choose not to.

Instead she got busy protecting her Oligarchy friends, and instead of establishing a parliamentary form of government, elected to set up a draconian system which has systemically allowed the Oligarchy to rape and plunder this country almost at will.

I have long given up trying to get the average Filipino here to understand that. They are so enamored of this “housewife” that claimed she had no skills to run a country. But everyone ignores that.

It is either desperately naive behavior on her part, or she was very astute. Way more astute than she was given credit for because either her or her oligarchy friends pulled off the biggest hi-jacking of a country the world has ever seen.

Even the history that is written is distorted to hide it, and one should never forget, winners write history and not always very truthfully.

It is also an interesting thing that the total time Marcos was in power, is now exceeded by the time since, and no headway has been made, The US Dollar was P20-$1, and now heading towards P50-$1. The population has doubled, with most able bodied men and women forced overseas to find work. And corruption is now every bit as bad as when Marcos was head thief.

What has happened, and where are all the so called improvements? I know everyone leaps up and says we are still paying for the Marcos debts which, when he left, the country owed near $25 billion. And now it owes around 80 billion. Excuse me, where did the extra 55 billion come from. Where are the infrastructures that money could have built?

Why for example, is the telephone technology here 20 years behind the rest of the world? Why do we have the most expensive electricity? Why are we being threatened with water shortages when the country gets flooded several times a year?

This could be a great country if people just woke up to what has been done to them. I feel very sorry for the average man and woman here.

You may contact the author here: Trevor Bailey

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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