Answer Concerns, Not Raise Issues

Hunter S Thompson - AvatarThe hypocrites are condemning the Santiago-Marcos ticket as if to tell the opposition they alone can select who their rivals should be in this coming presidential election.   Such a prejudgment against Senators Miriam Defensor-Santiago who is running for President with Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. for vice presidential candidate is symptomatic of a sick mind because they presuppose they can never be wrong in their campaign strategy.   So, if you are not with them, you are not following the righteous path. [*]

Such prejudgment by this self-righteous Liberal Party is telling that truly, they are not doing their duty of enlightening the people of the issues, and of the reason why they are being asked to participate in this electoral exercise.  Rather, it is the people who should ask them what they have accomplished in the last six years they were in office.  Such is their squid tactic, for obviously, there is an attempt to prevent the people from asking why this government that has sanctimoniously proclaimed itself “holy” turned out to be the most corrupt and is now setting the pace for the moral decadence in our society.

Let us face it, the Liberal Party headed by Manuel “Mar” Roxas and his entire ticket of hypocrites should be the one answering the issues.  The opposition, especially the ticket of Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Bongbong Marcos, are simply trying to pick them up. To put it straight, they should be the one asking why these barking minions deserve to be elected.    Like elementary students, it is now the teacher who is asking about their assignment, stupid!  Roxas and his political handlers cannot take the offensive by raising issues against their rivals.

Their insistence of taking the offensive instead of answering intelligently the issues like their wasteful  disbursement of public funds (Disbursement Acceleration Program and Priority Development Assistance Fund) to which the name of Butch Abad has  become synonymous; on their plan to hand over a portion of our territory to people who  profess the same religion as those now spreading terror here and in the Middle East; about  the Mamasapano massacre; the deteriorated peace and order and moral decadence in our society as shown by the prurient behavior of their candidates; for reducing anew this country to a colony  of the US; for using taxpayers’ money   to secure the impeachment of chief justice Renato Corona in retaliation for the decision to land reform  Hacienda Luisita; of the selective justice in prosecuting only their political enemies; by creating new set of cronies  made up of the super-rich elite that today has created a deep wedge between the rich and the people where a sizeable number of them are unemployed and starving;  for lavishing the elite and the super-rich with last minute multi-billion contracts  where the public ultimately pay the exorbitantly price for their services; and for the complete absence of social services such as housing,  medical care,  and their lack of concern about the spiraling cost of basic commodities.

As  abominable liars, they  are raising again the issues of  martial law and dictatorship ignoring that the sitting President is the son  of the former President  who, just like the mother, has not accomplished  anything, except to parade herself as the alleged mother of democracy and the restorer  of our freedom.   Most vicious are the misguided progressive left, who, in all these years, have been styling themselves as the all-knowing intelligentsia class, but in truth are plain mercenaries who have reduced their ideology to hatred and obfuscation.   They have contributed nothing, except to agitate our people and add misery to their lives.   In fact, their collaborative support for this regime that turned out to be the most obdurate and shameless US puppet in Asia has reduced them to the level of political nuisance.

Worse, they are raising the issue about the late President Ferdinand Marcos against Bongbong Marcos, without thinking that as they continue to rub it in, they are highlighting the contrast that Ferdinand represents now the symbol of an achiever and competence in government, while the one that is brokering the candidacy of Mar and Leni Robredo is now the symbol of dismal failure in government stewardship.  Besides, Ferdinand Marcos who died more than 20 years ago is not a candidate.   They should present what they have accomplished or answer the charges why they have converted the national treasury as their private money to freely buy the loyalty of their political sycophants.

The Liberal Party and its horde of zealots should stop talking about their slogan of tuwid na daan.  Any intelligent person who knows his logic could readily tell them that it is self-serving and presumptuous. They are not supposed to proclaim themselves as honest because everybody, even those confined at the mental hospital, knows they are not. Rather, it should be a third party who should judge them if they are truly honest and upright, for then there is a semblance of decency that somebody misjudged them.  In fact, the reason why they are so frantic in wanting to remain in office and insist on spreading their misleading slogan of tuwid na daan is their fear that criminal charges involving dishonesty await them once they are out of office.

Finally, when the two veteran women columnists, Belinda Cunanan and Carmen Pedrosa, raised the issue about the state of mind of Noynoy Aquino, it was right, valid and appropriate because he was gunning for the presidency. Certainly, the 100-million Filipino people cannot gamble on one who could make their lives more miserable, which happened.  Now, if Noynoy remains an issue against Mar, it is because he was the one who  chooses the candidate, and setting aside the “boladas” of their political soothsayers, the reason why many have their antipathy towards Mar Roxas is because  they see him as the continuation of the incompetence of this  administration.

On the other hand, no matter how Mar tries to disassociate himself from this administration to improve his image, he cannot.  He himself contributed to the fiasco committed by this regime.  Instead of bemoaning with the victims of Typhoon “Yolanda,” he chose to castigate the Mayor of Tacloban City, Alfred Romualdez, for being a Romualdez.  Besides, Mar is not only a consummate politician but an opportunistic one.   He was appointed Secretary of Trade by President Erap Estrada because of strong lobby by the elite, but was the first to jump ship when things began to get rough for Estrada.   He was rewarded by Mrs. Arroyo for his traitorous act in joining the coup to oust Estrada forgetting that he would again be biting the hand that  feeds him. This is why he was taken in by this pretending-to-be-honest government. Finally, he chose a running mate who is using the same ploy used by his handler like glorifying the death of her husband.

But is his death an accomplishment?

[*] Originally published on Oct 17th, in The Standard


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