Confronting One’s Ignorance From Overseas

I recently discovered the following article while wandering around Facebook today. And for fun, decided to re-write it here. But with an added twist on things. Of which I shall attempt to explain at the end.[*] So read on. And hold on.

There is this bunch of noxious “pinoys” that I’d like to kick in their faces for the crap they spew on the internet. Those who have lived outside the Philippines for decades now. And in fact, are no longer Filipino citizens. And yet, think they have the right to tell their fellow Filipinos who stayed home, what is best for them, and know the score so much better than they do. And who don’t suffer the consequences of their simple-minded ignorance.

Let me further classify them, so as to be clearer.

ignorantEx-Pinoys who defend BS Aquino with the usual “He’s the best ever. One more term” bullshit. And the usual equating of pro-Aquino sentiments with being anti-Marcos. Then they go off-tangent with barbed criticisms against the Marcos’ (and for which you agree with), successfully deflecting and changing the topic, once again.

When in reality pala, they played a role in subjugating the filipino people and enjoyed crumbs thrown their way by their current despicable halfwit of a President. In other words, nakinabang.

I would much rather you come to the table with your hands clean and tell it like it is. I love BS Aquino because he promoted me. Or, He was the boss of my boss. Or my mother was his yaya for a week. Or some such shit. (Oh I dunno. The reasons run the whole maddening gamut of “I am from their province”– as if that should make sense — to, “I was given a pamaypay during Cory’s time” to, “I shook Cory’s hand” to, “I was her driver.”)

If you’re going to give the Filipinos back home the joy of reading your opinions, the least you can do is stop being so horridly ignorant.

Your ignorance and simple-minded pronouncements from on high make my hair stand on end.

And if you’re no longer Filipino, TREAD LIGHTLY.

Sa madaling salita. Do not talk down on your fellow Filipinos. And no hectoring.

You’re no longer Filipino. The kitchen got too hot for you and you left.

What Filipinos say about the destiny of ones country and where they want it heading, matters far more than opinions you pontificate from the comforts of your first world existence.

The locals are the guys on ground zero. The gladiators in the arena.

You, on the other hand, are the slob on the couch sitting on your fat ass, eating popcorn, and watching the Filipino channel.

Shut up, American Aquino loyalists. You and your idols have become irrelevant.

I suggest you write about stuff you really know. Like macrame. Or the wonders of rhubarb pie.


[*] The above was originally written as an attack against the pro-Marcos crowd. By changing a few names, and references. As well as writing it from an observers perspective. I was able to say the same of the pro-Aquino bunch. My point being. The original writer made it appear as if – what FlippinFlips refers to as – Idiot Aquino Followers, only had the right to talk shit against others. Thus, the same could be said in this case. The problem it presents is obvious.

Even when its people are 10,000+ apart. Your nation has continually become divided.


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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