Could The Liberal Party Have Gotten Any Dumber?

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Laguna Rep. Benjamin Agarao Jr. found nothing wrong with the performance of sexy dancers during his birthday party.

The Liberal Party has finally managed to place the “Bright Red Cherry” on the cake of their pathetic existence folks. At a recent birthday party/new member event in Laguna. Non other than presidential hopeful Mar Roxas got to enjoy the evenings festivities being capped off by a risque performance from Playgirls. And, as we can see in the photo to your left. It was quite memorable.

Quoting some female representatives within the Liberal Party itself: “The performance that took place at a gathering in Laguna yesterday is a gross insult to all: the women involved, the Liberal Party, and indeed, all Filipinos and Filipinas who espouse equality.

We condemn, in the strongest terms, any and all forms of the exploitation of women. This has never been, and will never be consistent with the values of the Liberal Party, which, throughout the years, has made social equity one of the pillars of its endeavors. Throughout our work, we have received nothing less than the utmost respect from our colleagues and peers in the Liberal Party. We know that such gimmickry will not be tolerated by our members and our leadership, and we fully support the investigation to unearth the truth behind the incident.”

Presidential hopeful, Mar Roxas was among the attendees of the event.

This is grossly abusive, and these clowns want to be President and Senator respectively. A friend recently posted about the stupidity of the Filipino, and while I hate to use the Lords name in vain, but Good God, if they are elected, it will confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that my friend was right and Filipinos really are stupid. In every other country I have ever lived in or visited these people would have been immediately dismissed from office for such behavior. Just allowing themselves to be associated with it is enough grounds. And people who seek such office need to be above reproach.

Presidential hopeful, Mar Roxas arriving at the LP's swearing in event. Which eventually ended as a lewd sex show.
Presidential hopeful, Mar Roxas arriving at the LP’s swearing in event. Which eventually ended as a lewd sex show.

That is called shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. Too little, too late in my view. Whether they knew about it or not, is irrelevant. In a well managed and administered country, resignation would be the first step by both men. Before even attending the event they should have been briefed on the agenda – which was their responsibility – and if there was going to be the slightest sign of any improper behavior, should have blocked it. Both of these man hold senior enough roles in the party to do that surely. The eventual inquiry will once again be a whitewash and some unknown will be banished. But it will not change a thing. The fact these men participated in an event where these activities were on the list of entertainment, reflects the kind of people they really are.

And the worst has just begun. Nearly every key player in this nationally embarrassing moment, has begun the classic “denial phase” of things. MMDA Chief, and aspiring Senator wannabe, Francis Tolentino, is now denying his earlier claims of bringing the girls as a surprise gift for the host. Mar Roxas claims to have been in another part of the compound, and didn’t see the show. While others are simply saying it was all in fun. So then, where did allowing children to view all of this factor into the scheme of things?

And if there are still people who believe that these idiots should continue serving in public capacity. Then, as stated earlier. The Filipino people have truly confirmed why they are being tagged as stupid.

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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