Glued To The Past. The Primary Reason The Philippines Hasn’t Advanced Much

Zest Air Seat 4ANow that the Philippines can bid farewell to another Presidential election season. Why does it seem the crabs, trolls, shysters, and other self serving analytical nitwits have gotten back into the game, as if the May 9th elections were just another day? What makes it even stranger. Is the fact that it has produced an enhanced need to go backwards. Which, at times, makes you people impossible to understand.

For example: You’re constantly bringing up the past and the Marcos years. Never once, even attempting to move forward. From now until doomsday (or the cows come home) you can drone on and on about it. The past is the past. It can neither be altered, shifted, changed, or, no matter how hard you try. Returned to you. And like all those other nations and peoples who felt either cheated, oppressed or downtrodden throughout history. It’s time for you people to get over it, and move on as well.

There’s nothing special or unique about the Philippines over them. For example: Learn something from the Jewish people, why don’t you? For nearly 5,000 years now. they have been persecuted and stomped on. Even brought to the brink of annihilation just this past century. And like a Timex watch. “They take a licking. And keep on ticking.”

But oh no. Not the Filipino.

Crying as if the world owes you some kind of “special” treatment, based upon your past problems, and meager existence. Well now. It doesn’t. So, like the Jewish people. Keep your past in your hearts memory (and the classroom) where it belongs. The past year alone has seen Internet trolls such as Buan Danilo. Ador Junior. Romien Villamor. Malo Excobar, and newcomer Jesse DelaCruz to name a few. Flooding Facebook and social media with their endless barrage of either pro-Aquino, Liberal Party ramblings. Or anti-Marcos rhetoric. Mostly centring around that of former president Marcos, circa (1965-1986). And the alleged evils associated with that time.

Philippines FloodingIs there some kind of logic behind all this silliness? If so. I am sure there are a great many that would love to know what it is? And if your only excuse is to educate the people. Don’t you think they already got that shit in school to begin with? Because if you keep trying to jam and force it down peoples throats. All you’re really doing, is insulting your fellow Filipinos, because your actions are really saying, “You’re stupid and don’t remember.”

The same goes for all you nut jobs trying to remind people of what a wonderful saviour Cory was. Or the positive impact Ninoy had on everything. It’s insane. After nearly 30 years since the EDSA1 disaster. If one looks around at all that has transpired since. Both claims actually contradict one another. Which begs the question:

“If Marcos was truly so evil. And everything else since then, so great. Why has the Philippines been spiraling ever deeper into the black abyss?”

Now or course the detractors will naturally say, “It’s the fault of Marcos that we are like this today.” Really? After 30 years, and 5 presidents. You’re still ignorant, foolish or stupid enough to believe that drivel? Or maybe you no longer give a shit? The other fabulous response I have encountered is the classic, “But what can I do?” Again, are you really that silly? What the hell do you think your annual elections are for?

Oh wait. I almost forgot. That’s when you either elect incompetent idiots, such as Nancy Binay or Manny Pacquiao to office. Or choose criminals such as Gringo Honasan and Antonio Trillanes. Simply because your stupid enough to believe that shit about them being heroes. And let’s not forget the ever-popular vote bribe. Selling your lives and souls (being Catholic and all) away for pennies. And if you think that’s bullshit. Let me give you a quick lesson in math. Here goes.

The following is how a standard vote bribe is financially broken down over the course of the shysters 3 years in office. Which, by the way, is 1095 days in office.

  • P300 bribe equates to .27 centavos a day.
  • P500 is .46 a day.
  • P1,000 gets you .91 a day. With this, you might get a MAXX from a street vendor.
  • P2,000 is a whopping P1.83 a day. But it still won’t get you 2 candies.
  • P5,000 nets you P4.56 a day. I believe this might net you 4 Mento’s?

Are you getting the picture now. You people only see the big number. The initial pay off. You see the sack of rice. Or the case of party size Red Horse. You blindly live for the moment. And to hell with the remaining 1094 days. Now while this may not sound like being part of the past. Remember this. The above was born of the past 30 years. By keeping the Filipino people in an impoverished state of being. They have successfully stayed in power. Thanks to you being foolish… Wait wait wait. I’m going to say it. STUPID enough, to play their game.

The time has come to stop living in the fears of the past. Marcos and Martial Law have become, and are a thing of the past. No one in their right mind would ever allow that to happen again. The economic ramifications alone would be more devastating than anyone can imagine. And the same can be said of the falsehoods of the Ninoy-Cory myths. If they had truly been your heroic saviors as your history books keep claiming. Don’t you find it interesting their Son not only inherited a disaster. But has turned it into a nightmare of epic proportions.

Get your shit together people. And learn how to properly move forward. Otherwise. You’ll be going through another 30 years of bullshit. And just like the last 30. No one, is going to owe you anything.

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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4 thoughts on “Glued To The Past. The Primary Reason The Philippines Hasn’t Advanced Much

  1. If the IDIOT AQUINO FOLLOWERS take away the word Marcos from their arguments, they have nothing to hold on to. Even Marcos’ accomplishments make them all look dumb, ignorant, and stupid. Have you read that Joe America crap blog?…… if ever that is an appeal to the emotions, that takes the cake…..LOL

  2. In my opinion the people power revolution is one of the most admirable events in world history, yet it became the biggest wasted opportunity of all time. The anniversary now comes and goes without a whimper. What should be a day of national significance people just don’t care about anymore… and i can see why.

  3. Another MARCOS APOLOGIST. THE JEWISH PEOPLE DID NOT FORGET. They made sure all the criminals will pay for the crimes they have committed.

    1. At least the Jews DID move on, rather than live in the past. As well as continually blame Hitler for their problems. OH WAIT!! They have no major issues that have turned Israel into some impoverished shit hole, the way the Filipino people have with the Philippines.

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