The Simple Truth of Philippine Employment-Unemployment Statistics

Orion PerezMany of us here in the Philippines have been saying for a long time now, that the number of OFW’s (Overseas Foreign Workers) is actually a number that indicates an additional level of unemployed people.

Though, obviously, it may not necessarily mean that the OFW’s who return will become unemployed. It often means that the OFW’s coming back may take on a job (due to their more impressive international credentials) that now leaves someone else here jobless. Conversely, when OFW’s leave, we vacate positions that create an opening for people who would have been otherwise jobless.

The government naively tries to avoid that scenario of returning OFW’s taking on employment once again so they keep trying to tout the whole “open-your-own-business” scheme for them. The problem is that many of these people having certain skills, such as being highly a skilled chef on a luxury cruise liner. Or a high class, 5-star hotel, come home to their provincial towns wanting to open up businesses that will permit them to put their skills into action.

They open up some fancy cafe or restaurant, and the new resident chef puts to use his expertise. Unfortunately, there’s no local market for fancy establishments. And the business eventually goes bust and our chef must then be forced to go back to being an employee overseas. And in many cases. May be forced to start his career all over again.

And the government still doesn’t get it.

They need to change the economic system. Such as removing the current anti-foreign direct investment restrictions which deny foreign investors the opportunity to establish themselves. Along with creating the much needed employment. This alone, will create a real and competitive market share. Along with stronger purchasing power.

Originally written by: Orion Perez

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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