A Sad Observation of Recent Philippine History

Arn BuenaventuraSince 1946, after the country got its independence from the US, it was only during the time of President Marcos that the Philippines acquired real quality government infrastructure and facilities, as well as upgraded military equipment. The CCP complex, the Philippine Heart Centre, the Philippine Kidney Centre, the SSS, NSO and BSP buildings along East Avenue, provincial circumferential highways and bridges, quality tenement houses for the homeless, opening of overseas jobs for Filipinos who prefer to work abroad, and many, many more are living evidence of his efforts. [*]

The housing facilities for the homeless built by the administrations after Marcos were all second to rubbish. With their unfinished walls, very thin roofs, very thin C-bar purlins, plastic toilet doors, no false ceilings and dirt floors. Since President Marcos was “triumphantly” overthrown, what financial progress have the common people felt and truly experienced, if ever?

The hatred for the late President was and is still being amplified by the few political clans, their families and minions. Perhaps due to his “attempts” at making Filipinos understand the value of discipline so as to achieve real progress. And most of all, to entertain and blind the shallow and scattered brain citizens that they are doing something good for the country. But the fact is that they’re just too preoccupied stealing whatever possible from the country’s resources. Their efforts only aggravating the wretched poverty of the poor and making the lives of those within the average level of society, worse with each passing day, until the majority will be crawling in abject scarcity.

The so called human rights violations of Marcos have been redundantly amplified until now. Yet seem dwarfed by the impunity that’s been committed under the six-year leadership of every president that followed. These are being left to proliferate even more aside from being unresolved for years.

The pettiness of thievery that had been going on in the government of Marcos, has been increased until this moment, which has made so many politicians and government officials and their employees richer and richer each day, resulting in even more abject poverty and ruined the financial condition of others. Is this not a massive violation of human rights?

Countless Filipinos are deprived of the much needed jobs that could have been generated through projects on infrastructure, maintenance, upkeep and upgrade of facilities, equipment and accessories because many politicians and government officials and their minions refuse to spend the annually allocated budgets. Is this not a massive violation of human rights?

Consistently shaming the whole Filipino race in front of the international community through obvious displays of stupid incompetence, garbage ridden streets and waterways, the stench of urine and shit on most of the major streets of Metro Manila, dilapidated and filthy government offices, hospitals and clinics. Not to mention the recent “tanim bala” extortion scheme in the NAIA. Is this not a massive violation of human rights?

Which leadership then is more evil? That of the labeled “overthrown” Godzilla. Or those of the school of rapacious and fiercely greedy piranhas, who have now grown into intensely noxious and wily great white sharks?

Shall we continue to listen to the babbling of these few paid holier-than-thou demons through the media, who conceal the true plunder of the country’s resources by the few greedy politicians, their minions and some government officials, who have more and more Filipinos crawling in wretched poverty, or look at the present and real financial and lifestyles of our own selves, that of our families and the whole society?

Perhaps we need to wake up from the fairy tales that those in the government keep on entertaining and deceiving us with, while they do their pillage of the country’s resources.

Wake up and do something to STOP it. Not only do your lives depend upon it. But that of your family and your posterity as well.

[*] An open complaint from: Arn Buenaventura

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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One thought on “A Sad Observation of Recent Philippine History

  1. I was drawn with your comment saying that, “Perhaps we need to wake up from the fairy tales that those in the government keep on entertaining and deceiving us with, while they do their pillage of the country’s resources.” It seems that the focus IS only on the government. How about the Church, the Catholic Church in th Philippines? Don’t they ” keep entertaining and deceiving” people with their beliefs, etc. to keep the believers stick with them for fear of…? And what about the influential societies in the Philippines, aren’t they trying to influence and somehow control ordinary, powerless people?

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