On Whining About The APEC Summit

I found the following complaint letter highly amusing, to say the least. And decided to reprint it here for your enjoyment. Especially since it speaks volumes of hilarious reality about more than just a silly summit meeting. So enjoy what it has to offer.

It was declared a Holiday in anticipation of the APEC. That means no work. So quit whining about the traffic and the lanes being closed.

True the homeless were hauled to places where they couldn’t be seen temporarily by visiting delegates, would you rather the whole world sees how pathetic our country is?

True, priority lanes were given to the delegates, and main streets were closed so that only they could pass. That is protocol in every country, even here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it only is worse in the Philippines because as you know, our roads aren’t the best in the world.

You politicians, especially you Grace Poe, you media people, and you unthinking citizens. You just ride on the moment and feed on the inconvenience of the public. There are grave security threats that are – let’s face it – bigger than the inconvenience of one week of traffic, and public transport unavailability. You whine, you gripe, you blame the government for anything and everything. My goodness, you would even blame the government if you had a loose bowel movement. If you woke up with a big pimple on the tip of your nose, you would declare “Tangina kasi bobo presidente namin.” Or you farted in public, you would blame the “tuwid na daan” kaya ka na-utot.

Junk Apec EdcaIf you had to work because your company chose not to follow the holiday declaration, why not blame your company? If you had to go out because of groceries, then it was your fault you didn’t buy them last week. If you had to go out because of a date, then its your fault you couldn’t say no to a partner who insisted that today must be the day. If you had to meet someone for a business meeting or a deal, its your fault you failed to anticipate this. Or you are simply not aware of how protocol for International Delegates work.

Now, whats this issue on being second class citizens in your own country just because you had to walk? Hello??!! Where’s the logic in that? Even the definition of second class citizen is vague here. Second class citizens because you were given a holiday? Second class citizens because the city’s safest highways were reserved for the dignitaries and foreign heads of state?

Bakit, sino ka ba at tingin mo mas importante ka sa presidente ng isang bansa? Even in their own country, the highways are cleared and escorts are provided for these men and women, what more in other countries where their security is of utmost concern?

Without blinking, without even stopping to consider the essence of the argument, a lot of people just whine.

Pathetic really.

~ Anonymous

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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