The Simplest Possible Way To Beat ISIS

Hunter S Thompson - AvatarHave you seen the rubbish being posted online? The last thing the west should do now is retaliate. Now is the time to out think them, don’t try and out gun them. All that will do is fuel the fire. Do you know the way to fuck them? What is their #1 weapon folks?

It is oil.

Stop buying it, plane and simple. Focus on turning them into 3rd world countries. Which, in the case of oil. Would occur practically overnight. They cannot feed themselves, since they import most of their food.

So we stop buying their gasoline. The west should then focus on other fuel sources so we do not need these bastards. Even the Israelis would be fucked without the fact they have control of the financial world. So we cut the pricks off using economic means.

These bastards are shooting westerners with western made arms. The west goes back into the middle east now, it will just create more animosity. Now is the time when being smart will win. Not being the most militarily strong, but by being the most mentally strong.

Look at the idiot George bush. The 9/11 attacks were financed by Saudi Arabian interests so he attacks Iraq.

What the fuck is that all about?


A Gonzo Journalist cut from the classic mold. Wandering the highways and byways of the Asian sector of this sad little rock.

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