Understanding The Logic Behind Martial Law

Hunter S Thompson - AvatarIn 1965 Ferdinand Marcos becomes President. And by 1968, barely three years in office, still no Martial Law. Meanwhile, Senator Ninoy Aquino had been organizing a number of Moro Secessionists such as, the MNLF-MIM under Nur Misuari. And the growing Communist Insurgency of the CPP-NPA with Joma Sison. While simultaneously collaborating with Malaysia, so as to create a rift within the Philippine government itself. During this time, Malaysia had been financing the organizations of Mr Aquino, by supplying weapons, training, and the much needed propaganda machinery for these rebels.

By 1968 though, the House too, had been debating on what to do regarding the growing insurgent threat. So in early 1972 Congress finally recommended that President Marcos should declare Martial Law. And by the end of 1972 Martial Law had been put into action. And the first major blow struck before years end, was to have Ninoy Aquino arrested. And the same for Joma Sison occurred in 1974. Misuari on the other hand, had apparently left the country in 1972.

On Nov 25, 1977. After a lengthy five year trial, former Senator Ninoy Aquino was finally convicted of treason for the following crimes against the Philippine nation.

  1. Collaborating with Malaysia in developing Mindanao Secessionist and National Communist insurgencies since March 1968.
  2. Having disturbed the democratic process of the election when he masterminded the bombing of the Liberal Party’s 1971 campaign in Plaza Miranda.

So you see, with the beginning of Martial Law in 1972, and Ninoy being imprisoned for crimes committed between the years of 1968 until 1972. His insurgent activities had been prior to Martial Law. In a sense, Ninoy and his cohorts, were one of the primary reasons for Martial Law to begin with. Had he not gotten involved with the growing rebel threat. As well as pushing his Communist ideals. Martial Law may very well, have not happened.

Martial Law was by all accounts, a legal and legitimate government decision recommended by the representatives of the Filipino people, And for the nation as a whole. But the so-called struggle of Ninoy Aquino had not been for the Philippines, as some would have you believe. But was in fact, for Malaysia. And to make the Philippines weaker in its goal to recover Sabah. The brand of Martial Law being labelled as a “dictatorship,” was purely propaganda born of the Malaysia-Aquino-MILF triad.

Fast-forward to the present!

The recent House and Senate hearings on the Mamasapano SAF44 massacre and BBL (Bangsamoro Basic Law), were an eye-opener for many regarding the treasonous link of President BS Aquino to Malaysia.

Freedom and progress are truly what all Filipinos desire. But due to an “invisible hand” controlling things, the Philippines as a nation, has yet to attain this. Malaysia has, for 4+ decades now, been in cahoots with the Aquino clan at one time or another, with the sole purpose of damaging the Philippines so they remain weak and Malaysia can extend their reach beyond Sabah, and into Mindanao.

The destruction the Philippines, specifically Mindanao, has revealed Malaysia to be that invisible hand all along. The nation has seen a continuous socio-economic breakdown, of which Malaysia has had a direct hand in. Such as:

  1. Mindanao secession.
  2. Muslim and Communist insurgency.
  3. Various forms of radical terrorist organizations, such as the Abu Sayaff, Jamiah Islamiah, Islamic State militants, Malaysian bombers like Marwan and his replacements.
  4. Constitutional destabilization such as MOA-AD, BBL, and Federalism.
  5. Sex escort and massage-cum-blackmail operations.
  6. Incursion and manipulation of the Philippine mass media.
  7. Influencing the PH politicians via infusion of unrecorded campaign funds.
  8. Economic sabotage such as investment pyramid schemes like the Manuel Amalilio Aman Futures Scam.
  9. Steal Philippine investor tactics such as the Aegis Advertisement anomaly.
  10. Hate China and America.

So what does some or all of this mean? It means your country has been played like a pawn on a Chessboard. It also sheds some serious light upon everything from those so-called “dark days” of Martial Law. The EDSA1 disaster. And the continual failure of your leaders to allow the Philippines to progress in a manner befitting her people.

May 2016 is when you, the people, will walk into those voting booths to make a choice. You can either be stupid, and repeat the same, tired old idiocy known as patronage politics, which involves electing officials because you think they are cute. Or you just happen to recognize a name.

Or, you can be smart. Ignore all your fears regarding a name. Or some ancient history that has nothing whatsoever to do with current events. And elect officials who actually do want to improve the nation. So your children will definitely have a better future.


A Gonzo Journalist cut from the classic mold. Wandering the highways and byways of the Asian sector of this sad little rock.

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One thought on “Understanding The Logic Behind Martial Law

  1. No wonder BS Aquino abandoned the filipino Sultan of Sulu and sided with Malaysia.
    The now enlightened voters will vote properly this 2016 elections, but what assurance is there that Smartmatic “tikas” machines will not transmit rigged results with instructions from treasonous BSAquino as in 2013 elections’ 60-30-10 percentage pattern distributed on candidates for administration, opposition & independents, respectively?

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