Where Are the Manifestos?

Hunter S Thompson - AvatarI have been following numerous posts in Facebook of late and watching as the hate machines start rolling out against the various candidates.

Politics in the Philippines is a very divisive thing. It seems to set brother against brother and some of the comments and posts are almost toxic in nature, almost certainly libelous in others and seldom contain a great deal of thought nor truth.

Worst of all they have little concern for the things that really matters, such as the policies and plan the candidates may or may not have. In fact so far of all those I see as formally announced candidates, I do not see one of them that has a sound manifesto on display, I do not see any formal planning, or written correspondence that even suggests they have a plan beyond becoming famous enough to get elected.

What kind of foolishness is this I am observing, where are the plans, where are the policy ideas, what will the candidates actually do to alleviate the corruption and the poverty, what will they do to bring some semblance of order to the traffic situation, the ever increasing levels of crime, the mess that is NAIA and so on.

All I see is ”I am opposed to corruption”,” I will fight poverty”, “I will fix the traffic”, what I do not see is a plan of how they will actually do it. It is all just rhetoric, it has no substance, no hard promises that they can be held to account for later.

What about the decaying family situation here, the brain drain that is slowly but surely killing this country. What about the lack of employment opportunities, the rural communities are dying as Manila and the other major cities choke in over whelming numbers, what actions are in the pipeline to remedy these very damaging aspects of Philippine society.

With a crime rate that is nearing being off the scale, 27 reported rapes a day, 28 murders, untold levels of petty crime and declining standards of behavior, what is the plan to address this, does anyone here actually have one beyond “I will fight crime” as a catch cry.

Time for someone to come to the table who actually has a manifesto, one everyone can read, and understand, one that gives the country direction, one that people can get on board with and see its benefits, both long and short term, is that too much to ask?

A few catch cry statements simply do not cut it. Time for some substance, something real people can focus on and hang onto and incorporate in their live dream or vision.


A Gonzo Journalist cut from the classic mold. Wandering the highways and byways of the Asian sector of this sad little rock.

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One thought on “Where Are the Manifestos?

  1. None of the candidates, except Miriam, can promote their candidacy without using their names. The yellow minions have to invoke their names before the so-called platform ever gets mentioned, if any at all. Look at Roxas “Tuwid na Daan.”…… Straight path to what? Him being the greatest underachiever in Philippine history?

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